Worlds 2022 English Broadcast Talent Announced

Moments ago, Riot has announced the on-air English Broadcast Talent for Worlds 2022.

Worlds is set to start in about 10 days as we are starting to get more information about the schedule and such. Earlier today, Riot officially announced their English Broadcast Talent for Worlds 2022 through their website and social media pages. What was announced is as follows.

As expected, the LCS broadcast talent is prevalent on the list. Given that the tournament is being held in NA, it is easier for them to be part of the tournament. There is a lot of representation from the LEC and there are some LCK and LPL casters making their way to the tournament. However, there is a bit of a problem with that.

Given how LPL and LCK teams are generally the teams that are in the semifinals and above, you start to wonder whether LCK and LPL casters are getting their fair chances. LCK has had that for a long time with many if not all of the LCK casters making an appearance. For LPL, it has not been the case and that is something to work on.

Other than that, there are obvious exclusions like the void of Medic not being in the tournament because he has decided to not participate in Worlds 2022.

Longtime LCK caster Valdes is not in the list as well, which is surprising. Many LPL casters such as Aux, Hysterics, and Munchables have not made the cut as well. Munchables had this to say about the exclusion on Twitter.

He is definitely right about the Visa bit as some teams are having problems with Visas as well. In our opinion, Riot should try and help expedite the process so that we see more of the casters for the LPL and LCK even. It is because those are the regions that are the eventual victors and it is sad to not see the casters from that region not be in the forefront.

This is not to say that some casters who are on the list should miss out at Worlds. It’s more of adding more people as opposed to subtracting people. The casters on the list have worked hard this year and deserve to be at Worlds 2022.

Thus, we end the article on a high note and congratulate the talent who are going to North America to participate in Worlds 2022 to entertain the fans with their talent as casters.

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