Winterblessed Hwei Skin: Splash Art, Price, & Release Date

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has unveiled the launch skin for Hwei, Winterblessed Hwei.

League of Legends is comparably an old game. Even so, this game is still as popular as ever. One of the ways that they still retain players is by adding new champions regularly.

Earlier this year, Riot Games announced many of the new champions who will be coming out this year. One of them was called the Ink Mage. At the time, not much was known about the champion. The only information we knew about it was that he would be a mage, a mid-laner, and would be Ionian.

Recently, during the Worlds 2023 finals, Riot fully revealed Hwei after the first round. Not only that, they also showed off his abilities.

All new champions in League of Legends nowadays release with a launch skin, and Hwei is no exception.

Not too long ago, Riot revealed the newest iteration of the Winterblessed skin line. One of the skins included in the skin line is Winterblessed Hwei.

Even though it has a launch skin, Winterblessed Hwei is really good. The VFX looks good, and the sounds are high quality. However, with the base Hwei, each of his subjects has its own visual color. That way, players could easily distinguish which ability he is using. However, with Winterblessed, all of the abilities just look blue. So, in terms of gameplay clarity, Winterblessed is very subpar. But now, we can expect the future Hwei skins to look even better.

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Winterblessed Hwei

Splash Art

winterblessed hwei
Image Credits: Riot Games

Winterblessed Hwei Price

As it will be an epic skin, it will cost 1350RP.

Release Date

All the Winterblessed skins will hit live servers on Patch 13.24, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

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