Where to Find Golden Egg in Monster Hunter Rise

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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Check out all the ways you can find Golden Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise and earn yourself some serious Zenny.

Golden Eggs are said to be made of glittering gold and are considered to be one of the most valuable trade items in Monster Hunter Rise. Having a rarity level of 6, Golden Eggs can be traded for 20,000 Zenny each. Zenny is the in-game currency used to purchase armors, weapons, and more in Monster Hunter Rise.

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The most efficient way of farming Zenny is through finding and selling Golden Eggs. That’s why, if you’re looking for ways to earn some serious Zenny, continue reading as we explain all the ways you can score some Golden Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise.

Quests Rewarding Golden Egg in Monster Hunter Rise

Luckily, Golden eggs can be acquired in multiple ways – such as doing hub quests, event quests, as well as urgent hub quests. Below, we have listed all the quests that will reward you with a Golden egg, along with the type of quest each is.

  • Gotta Hoard Fast! (Event Quest)
  • A Blaze Among Beasts (Hub Quest)
  • The Avaricious Apex Arzuros (Hub Quest)
  • The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune (Hub Quest)
  • Death From Above (Hub Quest)
  • The Crimson Glow (Urgent Hub Quest)
  • Haste Makes Waste (Event Quest)
  • The Evil Star from Beyond (Hub Quest)
  • Advanced: Proof of Power (Hub Quest)
  • The Allmother (Urgent Hub Quest)
  • Advanced: Scardey-Cat (Hub Quest)
  • The Fearsome Apex Rathalos (Hub Quest)
  • Advanced: Dual Calamities (Hub Quest)
  • The Fearsome Apex Rathalos (Hub Quest)
  • Apex Mizutsune Emergency (Event Quest)
  • Advanced: Those Crown Apex (Hub Quest)
  • An Icy Blade So Bright (Event Quest)
  • Tempest in the Desert (Event Quest)
  • Scorching Showdown (Event Quest)
  • SF: Ultimate Promotion (Event Quest)
  • Advanced: Monsters in Ink (Hub Quest)
  • Clouds of Narwa Rumble Again (Event Quest)
  • Apex Arzuros Emergency (Event Quest)
  • Heart of an Apex (Event Quest)
  • Apex Rathalos Emergency (Event Quest)
  • Advanced: Born of Paradise (Event Quest)

Among all quests listed above, Gotta Hoard Fast is the only quest that requires a Hunter Rank 2. The rest can only be completed with a Hunter Rank of 7. So with a little bit of story progression, you should have no trouble acquiring Golden eggs from these quests.

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