WarioWare: How To Earn Coins

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By Md Obyead Adiba Chowdhury
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Looking for tips on earning coins in WarioWare? We got you!

WarioWare: Get it Together is a game you can play for hours without boredom. It has over 200 Micro Games you can play alone or with someone on your Nintendo Switch.

The game also allows you to buy tons of stuff using the game currency, coins. So, we have made a list of ways to earn coins easily in WarioWare.

How to Earn Coins In WarioWare

Here are the best and fastest ways to earn coins in WarioWare.

Completing Missions

Players can easily earn a lot of coins by completing challenges and achievements. There are a lot of accomplishments in the game which can help you gain coins.

The requirement of each mission is different; some will demand you to score a certain amount of points in certain games.

At the same time, some might tell you to finish all the Micro Games in a category. The more complicated a mission is, the more amount of coins you will earn.

Completing The Story Mode

WarioWare Story mode
Credit- Nintendo

The most basic way to earn coins in WarioWare is obviously through completing the story mode. However, remember not to click on continue after you fail in a game. Since this will cost you coins, retry the entire stage and finish it without falling.

Play Endurance Runs

After you complete the story mode, players will be able to go back into the MicroGames and go beyond a score of 15.

However, each level becomes tougher and faster, so finishing it can be quite challenging. That said, the reward for each goes higher up, too, as the game becomes more challenging.

Bonus Levels

WarioWare Bonus Stages
Credit- Nintendo

After a Boss fight, you can finish with a bang with a bonus stage. These stages will allow you to earn a lot of coins in a small amount of time. Getting used to these levels and collecting the highest amount possible is worth it.

Play WarioWare Online Mode

The last way you can get coins in WarioWare is by playing the multiplayer mode in WarioWare. Every week, the Wario Cup will go live, and there will be some conditions you have to follow. The higher your score, the more coins you will earn once the event ends.

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