Virtual Streamer Codemiko has been Banned from Twitch for the 4th Time

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Codemiko YouTube

Popular virtual Twitch Streamer Codemiko has been banned for the 4th time, possibly due to her stream titled “CODEMIKO MIGHT GET BANNED TODAY” a few days ago.

Codemiko is a famous American Virtual Interactive Twitch streamer. She rose to fame after she started streaming as a virtual avatar called Codemiko. After she began streaming as a virtual avatar, her popularity skyrocketed, and her clips also started going viral on different social media platforms. About a month ago, she announced the launch of Codemiko 3.0, which is much more detailed than her previous virtual model.

She took the whole Virtual streaming to a whole new level with full-body tracking, virtual backgrounds, and props. She made herself stand out from other virtual streamers with her witty personality and shenanigans. Recently she started gaining a massive number of viewers on her channel, but that all came to a halt with her recent 4th ban on Twitch.

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Codemiko 4th Twitch Ban:

StreamerBans, a Twitter Bot that announces bans of Twitch streamers, recently published the news of Codemiko’s Ban. According to the StreamerBans website, this is Codemiko’s 4th ban on the streaming platform.

Possible Reason for Codemiko’s ban:

The reason for the ban or the duration is still undisclosed by Twitch as per their policy with individual bans. Searching up Codemiko’s channel on Twitch showed the following message. “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Services.”

Some of Codemiko’s fans on Twitter and Reddit pointed to Codemiko’s stream a few days ago titled “CODEMIKO MIGHT GET BANNED TODAY”. a user from r/CodeMiko described the stream as such,

“She did a stream a couple of days ago where Miko was naked (but blurred), homeless and living in a box, eating pigeons/trash and barfing everywhere while doing a ton of virtual coke, with the title CodeMiko Might Get Banned Today. Chat was her date (hostage). It was wild and there was never a VOD that I saw, but her channel was still up until today I guess. She’s joking about the perma though.”

Codemiko Possible Ban reason explained
Codemiko Possible Ban reason explained Credit: CodeMiko Reddit

After the Ban news went public, CodeMiko made a post on Twitter.

But, it seems like CodeMiko’s ban is not permanent and instead is a temporary suspension.

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