VALORANT: Sensation bundle price, tier, release date, and more

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

The long-awaited Sensation skin bundle is finally available now.  

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After a long delay, RIOT has finally released the Sensation skin bundle. Prior to the arrival of Patch 1.13, the Sensation bundle is a budget offering from RIOT. Even though the new skin bundle shows similarities with the Glitchpop bundle, it packs some distinct characteristics as well. The overall mixture of natural colors in the Sensation bundle delivers a truly attractive outlook.

Sensation Bundle Skin Tier

Due to its 875 VP price tag for individual weapon skins, the bundle falls under “Select Edition” category.

Sensation Bundle Price

  • Vandal: 875 VP
  • Odin: 875 VP
  • Frenzy: 875 VP
  • Judge: 875 VP
  • Stinger: 875 VP

The entire bundle will cost you 2930 VP.

Release Date

As of December 3, the Sensation bundle is already available in store.

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With the release of the Sensation bundle, it’s tough to assume if RIOT will push forward to develop any new skin for Christmas-related events. While professional players worldwide are warming up for First Strike, RIOT definitely wants to arrange some festive mood with the Sensation bundle.

Recently, VALORANT players have been dealing with some major issues. RIOT’s decision to separately issue the bundle before the deployment of Patch 1.13 indicates their effort to improve matchmaking quality in VALORANT. Earlier, the developers promised to take decisive action against smurfing in ranked matches.

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