VALORANT is Giving a Proper Tribute to “Finest” Famous for the “Revive Me Jett” Meme in Episode 4 Act 3

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By Nazmul Hassan
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FInest: Revive Me Jett

In Episode 4 Act 3, VALORANT is giving free a free Player Card called “Finest” to the community in tribute to the legend behind the “Revive Me Jett” meme.

VALORANT is a team game where communication is important. Players from all around the world play this game. As a result, it is bound to have given birth to some fun memories and memes in the game. One of such legendary memes in online gaming history was “Revive Me Jett”.

The story behind this iconic meme was hilarious. A player named Lance “Finest” Arcilla said these three iconic words and became famous in the VALORANT community. The game was fairly new, and “Finest” thought Jett was the one who could revive her teammates back from the dead.

However, we all know that this is Sage’s job. So after getting eliminated, “Finest” kept yelling at his teammate Jett, round after round, to revive him. Everyone else was confused, but they kept playing along with it. Since then, these legendary words have become a meme among the VALORANT community.

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A Tribute to Lance “Finest” Arcilla

Riot Games follows its VALORANT community very closely, similar to League of Legends. It cares about the community and its players. Many memes and easter eggs that we can see in the game actually came from the VALORANT community. In Episode 2 Act 2, Riot had also introduced a “Revive me, Jett!” spray to recognize this legendary meme.

But, the person behind this legendary meme, who was only in his 21, passed away in 2022. It was shocking news for everyone in the community. “Finest” has given the community a very heart whelming memory for everyone to remember. As long as VALORANT lives, he will be remembered by all.

To show tribute to Lance “Finest” Arcilla, VALORANT is giving away a free Player Card Title called “Finest” to everyone in the community who wants to bear his name in the game. This card will be available as soon as Episode 4 Act 3 goes live.

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