VALORANT community demanding that Shields should negate Aim Punch

In Valorant, shields are a purchasable utility that grants players additional health. But outside of the plain fact players getting added health, the shields serve no other purpose. The VALORANT community demand that there should be additional benefits to purchasing shields like negating Aim Punch.

What is Aim Punch?

Like many FPS games, VALORANT also incorporates AimPunch. In its essence, Aim Punch is the effect on a player when he is shot in the Head or Torso. This causes the affected player’s crosshair to go out of place and disoriented, which feels like their aim is getting “punched”. In VALORANT, Aim Punch is a crucial gameplay element that rewards precision. It can throw off an opponent’s aim and net an easy kill.

But the issue with VALORANT is, it offers no protection against this Aim Punch effect. Shields in VALORANT for time being only serve the purpose of increasing HP. Unlike CSGO where armor and helmet heavily reduce Aim Punch (as well as other damage reduction factors), the Shields in VALORANT feel oversimplified.

User r/uspnuts posted in Reddit introducing a mechanic that makes the payer who has shields immune to Aim Punch. With the shields costing 1000 credits and merely granting extra health, an added mechanic to justify the cost definitely seems justified.

Also with light shields costing only 400 credits, this effect could only be applicable on the Heavy Shields as they just 25hp over the light shields but have an added 600 credit cost.

A mechanic added to decrease AimPunch for Heavy shields definitely seems like a justified and sensible idea to imply in VALORANT.

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