Ubisoft testing new Yellow-Ping sounds in Rainbow Six Siege

The ping-system in Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t changed for a long period of time that is until Operation Shadow Legacy. In Year 5 Season 3, Ubisoft introduced the “Ping 2.0” system through which players could now highlight gadgets and also freely “yellow-ping” through cams and drones.

Although being able to ping gadgets and cams is a welcome change, the free yellow-ping is being considered to lower the skill gap as it requires minimal communication and has no counter-play to it. The Siege community expressed their opinions on this matter very strongly, and many renowned Pro players, casters, and content creators have been voicing in to remove this yellow-ping system from competitive play.

But in Siege’s esports blog, Ubisoft stated that they plan to keep this feature in the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege. “We are confident it will only supplement quality calls from players and the use of red pings, but not replace them, elevating everyone’s gameplay.”

After receiving concerning feedback for this feature, Ubisoft tried to make this system less frustrating by showing the yellow-pings in the kill-cam, but the devs understood that this wouldn’t be enough. So now Ubisoft has decided to try new ping sounds in the Test Server, “where gadgets and drone pings onto any operators/object/locations will now emit a sound that is audible by the enemy team”.

Now whenever players ping something from a camera or drone, an audible sound will be emitted from that device. This will potentially alert the operators that they are being pinged through a cam, fixing the stealth ping problem.

Check out Coreross‘s latest video on the Yellow-Ping sounds.

But it is still uncertain to say if this sound emission will be enough to completely mitigate this issue, as the sound-system in Siege is considered quite inconsistent. But for now, this seems like a lot better than receiving no notification at all.

The new Y5S3.3 patch is now live in the PC Test Server, so make sure to try out the newly reworked Tachanka, and all the other changes for yourself.

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