Ubisoft shares update about Rainbow Six Siege Anti-Cheat system

After a long time, Ubisoft has finally released an update on the current anti-cheat efforts for Rainbow Six Siege.

Recently, the Siege community has been very loud about the cheating situation in the game. Players were getting frustrated about the lack of information from Ubisoft and what they were doing to actually strengthen their Anti-Cheat system.

In their new blog post, Ubisoft has shared an important update regarding the steps they are taking to improve the cheating problem. The post also covered ban statistics, and since January 2020 over 222,880 cheaters have already been banned.

“Our team, focusing on all things Anti-Cheat and Player Behavior, are committed to continuing this fight against cheaters and supporting this giant industry we all love. Rest assured, we’re hard at work in the shadows, trying to make things better for you!” – said Ubisoft.

“Moving forward, we promise to bring you regular updates every 1.5 months on what we’re doing via our social channels. The first of these updates will be published on February 10, 2022. Interested in seeing how many cheaters we’ve banned in the last month? Want to hear about the latest sanction that’s been automated? Your trust is integral to what we do, so we want to give you more chances to better understand what it is we do and can’t wait to bring you along on the journey!”

One of Ubisoft’s new anti-cheat efforts includes a bug bounty program, which is separate from the R6Fix reward program you may be aware of. This new program will offer recognition and compensation to players who report security exploits and vulnerabilities. With the help of these reports, the devs will be able to react quickly in deploying fixes.

Read the full blog post to see all the steps Ubisoft is taking to provide a better experience for all players.

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