Ubisoft addresses the biased Map Ban system and more in their new Top Issues Blog

With Operation Shadow Legacy update, Ubisoft introduced the much-awaited Map Ban system in Rainbow Six Siege, which was first announced back in Six Invitational 2020. But now playing the new season for a few weeks, players have found out that the Map Ban random selection between two maps is biased, where the left one is always selected.

Popular Rainbow Six Siege content creator, Varsity Gaming was one of the first to raise this issue on Twitter, and since then the whole Siege community figured out that the random selection wasn’t working properly.

In their latest Top Issues Blog, Ubisoft has finally addressed this issue and seems to be searching for a fix now.

We are currently investigating an issue with the random selection of the two remaining maps during the map ban flow. We have verified that the map on the left of the interface is always selected. We have already started working on a fix, stated Ubisoft on their website.
Status: During Y5S3

And the random selection wasn’t the only issue with this newly introduced Map-Ban system. Apparently certain maps were presented more than others in the selected pool of 3 maps.

“The representation of maps during the map ban flow favors the presence of certain maps (~10%): Oregon, Coastline, Kanal, Villa, Kafe, and Consulate at the expense of the following ones (~6%): Chalet, Theme Park, Bank, Club House, Border, Outback. We aim to deliver a fix to even the odds and have a more balanced map representation.”
Status: Target Y5S3.2

Ubisoft is also fighting hard to deal with cheaters and hackers in Rainbow Six Siege. After starting to use a new identification method, Ubisoft has sanctioned almost 4000 players in the last month only, ranging from blatant to closet cheaters.

Ubisoft has also addressed some of the recent gameplay topics like the yellow-ping system and some quality of life updates, which will be coming in the near future. Check out the full details down below.



Description: We have received extensive feedback about the Yellow Ping feature and we know that it is perceived as strong in certain levels of play when coupled with observation tools. We would like to explore alternatives to make the feature more acceptable for everyone. We are ready to add the Yellow Ping to the in-game replays, in order for everyone to understand that your position was known to the enemy team via this system. We are also exploring additional solutions to try to make the feature feel less one-sided.

Status: Y5S3.2 on PC / Y5S3.3 on console


Description: With Y5S3 we moved away from sights being represented as part of the weapon model. It is now part of the HUD in order to allow for more customization as we described it in the Weapon Optics blog.

This led to having a significantly blurrier Holo sight in certain combinations of aspect ratios, resolution, and anti-aliasing. We are working on the rendering of the sight and hope to offer something closer to what was prior to Shadow Legacy.

Status: Y5S3.2


Description: We would like to move away from the timer to replace it with a gauge system, which is more accurate visually speaking.

We are also looking at potentially tweaking the duration of time of an undetected run-out, but we are still debating the option.

Status: Target Y5S4


Description: The rework intends to make flash detection more reliable. Enemies are often not affected by flashes due to objects and obstacles. We want to simulate the light ricocheting with the environment, to improve the effectiveness of flashbangs & other similar gadgets. We have recently made some progress on that front. However, it may require additional work.

Status: Target Y5S4.3 or later


Description: Interactions with the defuser could often lead to some issues. In Y5S4 we’ll address the following ones:

  • Defuser plant prompt is sometimes missing when the player is on site
  • Defusers can be planted outside of the site when the players sits on the edge of the area.
  • Players could drop the defuser when attempting to plant. When trying to plant with 0:00 secs left, you may continue to drop the defuser, but this is not considered a bug as the Attackers have simply ran out of time.

Status: Target Y5S4


Description: It is possible to drop the defuser in locations where it cannot be picked up again by running over it. Often outside of the map, in cracks, gaps between objects, holes, etc.

To fix this, we created a ‘Pickup Defuser’ interaction that works at a distance. It will aim for defuser retrieval to act like picking up any other gadget.

Status: Target Y5S3.3

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