Twitch Streamer CDawgVA and Chris Broad Raises Over $557k During Cyclethon 2 Livestream

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: CDawgVA abd Chris Broad Twitter

Popular Twitch streamer CDawgVA and Chris Broad raised over $537k in Charity after completing his Cyclethon Livestream.

Connor Marc Colquhoun, more commonly known online as CDawgVA, is a popular Welsh YouTuber, Twitch streamer, Voice Actor, and Podcast host. Initially, Connor started working as an Amateur voice actor for British advertisements and commercials. Later he moved to Tokyo to work as an influencer for the agency GeeXPlus. CDawgVA’s main goal for doing this was to introduce anime culture to the rest of the world through his videos, podcasts, and content.

Later, in 2020 Connor joined up with other famous Anime YouTubers ‘The Anime Man’ and ‘Gigguk,’ and created the popular podcast called Trash Taste. In this weekly podcast, they mainly discuss anime, otaku culture, and their japan life experience. During this time, Connor’s popularity grew rapidly, and he signed an exclusive streaming contract with Twitch.

There is another popular YouTuber Called Chris Broad, better known online as ‘Abroad in Japan’ who makes videos of his experiences in Japan. Chris’s YouTube channel has more than 2.8 million subscribers. Both Connor and Chris Broad came together and did Cyclethon 2 recently, which ended in massive success and half a million dollars raised for charity.

Finally, the Cyclethon 2 Stream ended, and they raised more than $550k for charity.

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CDawgVA Raised $537k from Cyclethon Livestream

The Cyclethon started back on March 18, and after 9 days, on March 26, it finally ended. During the last stretch of Cyclethon 2, Connor successfully raised more than $500k for charity. After Cyclethon 2 was over, the total donation reached more than $551,696.00.

The donations from the Cyclethon 2 Twitch stream will be donated to Immune Deficiency Foundation and help many.

After Cyclethon 2 was over, fans and followers of Connor and Chris congratulated them on their massive success with the fundraising event. There was one follower who even donated $10,000 so that Connor could reach his donation goals.

Overall the event was a massive success, and we hope to see more events like this in the future.

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