Twitch Bans Dragonforce’s Guitarist HermanLi for Playing his own Music on Stream

Dragonforce’s lead guitarist HermanLi was recently banned on Twitch. Fans are speculating that the reason for the ban was playing his own music during a Livestream.

Herman Li is a British Chinese musician and is one of the lead guitarists for the power metal band DragonForce. He was born in Hong Kong and moved to England during his teenage years. He can speak English, French, and Cantonese fluently.

Herman Li draws his musical inspiration from rock as well as video game music. He is often heard playing music in the style of retro games from the ’80s and early ’90s. Li mainly uses a guitar, as he is one of the lead guitarists for the DragonForce band. A fun fact about Li is that he plays the guitar right-handed although he is left-handed.

HermanLi also has a Twitch channel with over 141,359 followers. He is also partnered with Twitch. He first started streaming back in July 2017. His channel is the #90 most-watched Music channel #72 most-watched English Music channel on Twitch. He averages around 1k viewers per stream. He mainly streams under the music category and sometimes plays games.

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Recently HermanLi’s channel was banned on Twitch allegedly because of a DMCA takedown. A Twitter bot named StreamerBans published the news of the ban.

After searching for HermanLi’s channel on Twitch we found it to be unavailable.

HermanLi’s Twitch channel Credit: HermanLi Twitch

Reason for ban?

As with all other bans, Twitch did not disclose the reason for HermanLi’s ban. Twitch has a policy where they do not disclose such information. According to his fans on Twitter, HermanLi was banned for playing his own music during one of his Livestreams.

HermanLi's possible ban reason
HermanLi’s possible ban reason

This is just a speculation but could very well be the reason for the ban. Herman’s own music was previously claimed on YouTube before so it would not be uncommon for such a thing to happen on Twitch as well.

With all the DMCA disasters happening on Twitch, HermanLi could also be a victim of a DMCA takedown for playing his own music during his live streams.

Keep and eye out on our website for more update on this topic as it develops.

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