Thymesia: How To Get All Endings

The newest Soulslike game Thymesia has multiple endings. Find out how to get all of them in this guide.

Like most Soulsborne games, Thymesia has multiple endings, and most are very complex and require specific steps to be completed.

The ending boils down to the choices you make at the end of the game. More specifically, the ending depends on the types of Cores you combine. There are 3 types of Cores and a total of 47 combinations. But only 4 combinations result in a unique end. These cores are called Boss Cores.

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Thymesia: Boss Cores

As the name suggests, Boss Cores are obtained after defeating Bosses. To get the standard ending, you need to defeat only 4 bosses. But to get all endings, you must defeat all 8 bosses to get all the different cores.

There are 3 different types of Cores. These are Vile-Blood Core, Pure-Blood Core, and Mutated Core. Furthermore, all the Cores that can be obtained in Thymesia are:

  1. Odur’s Core: Obtained after defeating the first boss, Odur, at the Sea of Trees. The Core is a Vile-Blood type.
  2. The Hanged Queen’s Core: Obtained after defeating the second boss, The Hanged Queen, at the Royal Gardens. The Core is a Mutated type.
  3. Varg’s Core: Obtained after defeating the third boss, Varg, at Hermes Fortress.
  4. The Sound of the Abyss Core: Obtained after defeating Sound of the Abyss, found in the Royal Gardens. This Core is a Vile-Blood type.
  5. Urds’ Core: Obtained after defeating Urd. This Core is a Pure-Blood Type.
  6. God of Fool’s Core: Obtained after defeating the God of Fools. This Core is a Vile-Blood type.
  7. Mutated Odur’s Core: Obtained after defeating Mutated Odur. This core is a Mutated type.

The first three are the main bosses you must defeat in their given order to advance the story. The next 4 are optional bosses but important if you want to collect all the Cores. They don’t appear in front of you as you advance; you need to work to access them.

How to Access All Optional Bosses in Thymesia

Sound of the Abyss

Thymesia  All Endings Bosses
credits: OverBorder Studio

This is a hidden boss in the Royal Gardens, near the same place where the 2nd boss battle is fought. Complete the first Royal Gardens sub-quest to unlock Underground Laboratory. The 4th boss is waiting in this new area.

Royal Princess, Urd

Thymesia  All Endings
credits: OverBorder Studio

You fight during the first sub-quest in Hermes Fortress, after defeating Varg. Once you take up the quest, return to the place where the fight with Varg takes place, and you will find Urd waiting to fight you.

God of Fools

Thymesia  All Endings
credits: OverBorder Studio

God of Fools is not your typical boss fight. This is because you don’t actually fight him in a one-on-one duel. After you’ve taken up the sub-quest in the Sea of Fool, you will come to an area with a couple of enemies and the boss attacking with poison and area damage attacks from afar. Hence, you have to dodge them and reach the end of the area, where you kill them with one blow. This may sound easy, but tackling enemies in addition to the God of Fools’ attacks is quite tricky.

Mutated Odur

Thymesia  All Endings
credits: OverBorder Studio

Take God of Fools’ Core to Aismey, who tells you that Odur is still alive. This unlocks the boss fight with a powered-up Odur, Mutated Odur.

All Endings in Thymesia

With all the cores in your inventory, you need to craft a Hermes Formula at the end of the game. Each type of Formula unlocks one ending. The great part is that you don’t need to play the game repeatedly to craft each Hermes Formula. Just select No when the ‘the outcome was the truth’ choices appear. This takes you back to Philosopher’s Hill and therefore lets you fight the final boss infinite times. So let’s see what all the endings in Thymesia are.

Chaotic Power Ending

This is the most common ending that a player may get. In fact, 43 out of 47 Hermes Formula combination results in this ending; just make sure it’s not any combination of Cores listed below. Moreover, this is also the game’s bad ending, as nothing good happens.

The Hermes Formula created is too chaotic; instead of saving the world, the world falls into despair, darkness, and misery. A large part of the population turns into monsters or human-monster hybrid. Additionally, the ones who were lucky enough to be cured of the Plague have to survive through a dark and desolate world full of terror or die trying. In short, the world meets its doom.

Power of Vile Blood Ending

Combine Fool’s God Core and Sound of the Abyss Core. Although you can combine any two of the Vile Blood Cores.

This ending shows that the Kingdom is cured of the Plague, but all humans have turned into monsters, including Corvus. Corvus is now a bloodthirsty killer, too strong to be opposed by anyone.

Blessing of Pure Blood Ending

Combine Varg’s Core and Urd’s Core to get this ending. This ending is also a sad turnout for humanity. The Kingdom is free of the Plague, and all the monsters are gone. Although, the surviving humans become greedy and power-hungry, which causes the Kingdom to fall into chaos.

Harmonized Force Ending

Combine Mutated Odur Core and The Hanged Queen Core. Essentially, you need to combine 2 Mutated Pure-Blood Cores once to get this choice. Furthermore, this ending does not occur if you defeat the God of Fools and Mutated Odur in the same save state. So you need to do a second run.

This ending shows that the Plague is not cured, but humanity now has free will. Hence, the Kingdom and its people decide to fight the Plague by seeking miracles from Eldritch Sources.

Power of Cleansing Ending

Combine Mutated Odur Core with Hanged Queen Core. Yes, this is the same combination to achieve Harmonized Force ending. While ending cutscene plays, hold the right analog stick up.

Corvus walks forward and sacrifices himself. This is the true ending, as the sacrifice balances Hermes Formula. Corvus is a Mutated form of Pure-Blood and Vile-Blood, so his sacrifice balances all three Core types to vanquish the Plague and rid humanity of Vile Blood and Pure Blood. Therefore, unlike the endings mentioned above, there is no grim catch or consequence. The world is completely healed of chaos and evil.

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