TFT Soul Fighter Event: Missions, Pass, and More

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Image Credits: Riot Games

As the TFT Soul Fighter event is on the horizon, here is all information regarding the event.

Every summer, Riot releases massive events across all of its games. And this year won’t be an exception.

Around the same time last year, we received the Star Guardian event. It took place across League of Legends PCWild RiftLegends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. While the theme was similar, each game offered something entirely unique in this event.

Usually, we see many new contents added to TFT or Teamfight Tactics during these events. These additions include new tacticians, emotes, boards, TFT-exclusive game modes, etc.

Not too long ago, it was revealed that the summer event for this year will be called Soul Fighter. And similar to previous years, it will occur across almost all Riot Games except Valorant.

With this Soul Fighter event on TFT, we are going to see a new pass, tactician, board, and more. Here’s everything you have to know about this event.

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TFT Soul Fighter Event Start & End Date

The Soul Fighter event will start on July 19, 2023, at 15:30 PT and will continue until August 15, 2023, at 15:00 PT.

TFT Soul Fighter Event Pass

Alongside the event, Riot will be releasing a pass containing various rewards that players can earn. While players can earn many rewards from that pass for free, to gain the full benefit, players must pay for Soul Fighter Event Pass+. Moreover, Pass+ will cost 1,295 RP.

Milestones & Rewards

This pass will also contain a milestone-style rewards system like past event passes. As stated before, some rewards are free and do not require pass+. So all free rewards will be highlighted in bold. And you will need the premium pass to unlock the rest. Here is the list of all the rewards.

0Soul Power Boom ✩
120 Treasure Tokens
2The Way of the Choncc Emote
325 Star Shards
4Soul Static Boom ✩
520 Treasure Tokens
6Soul Power Boom ✩✩
725 Star Shards
8God’s Eye Boom ✩
920 Treasure Tokens
10Soul Static Boom ✩✩
1125 Star Shards
12Khaat’Sai LL ✩
1320 Treasure Tokens
14God’s Eye Boom ✩✩
1550 Star Shards
16100 Treasure Tokens
1720 Treasure Tokens
18Soul Power Boom ✩✩✩
19Soul Static Boom ✩✩✩
20God’s Eye Boom ✩✩✩


For the Soul Fighter event, the missions will be divided into four different mission sets: Gwen Missions, Samira Missions, Lux Missions, and Sett Missions. You can complete it in whatever order you prefer. After completing a set, you can also gain a specific emote representing that champion.

Gwen Missions

As Many Needles As It TakesPlay a game of Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Scissors & SwordsDeal 100,000 magic damage.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
This Time, Gwen Won’t FailAfter being on a 4+ losing streak, win combat.
Win 15 training rounds in Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Just the TrickWin 2 combats with a Deathblade, Bloodthirster, or Infinity Edge equipped.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP

We Studied the Blade Emote
We Studied The Blade Emote
We Studied The Blade Emote
Image Credits: Riot Games

Samira Missions

Give It Your AllDeal 100,000 physical damage.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
One Is Not EnoughField 30, 2-star champions equipped with 3 combined items.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Earning the S in Skill3-star 5 champions.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Target PracticePlace Top 4 in 3 games.
Place Top 4 in Soul Brawl 2 times.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP

Guns Blazing Emote
Guns Blazing Emote
Guns Blazing Emote
Image Credits: Riot Games

Lux Missions

By the Light!Play a game using a Region portal you voted for 1 time.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Pickpocket PonderingCollect 50 loot orbs.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Let’s Light It Up!Win 50 PvP combat rounds.
Earn 500 Soul Power.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Shine with LuxField 3, 5-cost champions at 2 stars.
Play 2 games of Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP

Luminous Souls Emote
Luminous Souls Emote
Luminous Souls Emote
Image Credits: Riot Games

Sett Missions

Feel the BurnGet a 4+ win streak 10 times.
Play 3 games of Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Bros Bros BrosField 200 champions.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Push YourselfStun 50 champions.1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP
Making Mom ProudField a Prismatic Trait.
Earn a 250+ Soul Power gift from Gwen or Sett in Soul Brawl.
1250 Soul Fighter Pass XP

Heroic Brothers Emote
Heroic Brothers Emote
Heroic Brothers emote
Image Credits: Riot Games

Tactician & Boards

Chibi Gwen

chibi gwen
Image Credits: Riot Games

Price: 1900 RP

Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen

chibi soul fighter gwen
Image Credits: Riot Games

Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen will be only achievable through Treasure Realms.

Tournament of Souls Arena

Tournament of Souls Arena
Image Credits: Riot Games

Like Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen, players can earn Tournament of Souls Arena only through Treasure Realms.

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