Tales of Arise: How to Find Medicine in Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse

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Tales Of Arise is out now on all platforms for gamers around the world.

In the world of Tales Of Arise, you can roam around freely doing all kinds of quests and missions you like. Not all JRPG’s have don’t justice to the genre. However, Bandai Namco has undoubtedly given us a game worth playing. Moreover, the game has many stories and quests you will have to finish as you play. In fact, to help you with finding Medicine in Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse, we have made a complete guide.

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How to find the Medicine in Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse:

To begin the ” In Search of Medicine” quest, players will first have to talk with the Doctor in Mogul. After talking with him, he will tell you he needs you to find some medicine from the Kyrd Garrison Guardhouse. The Guardhouse is nearby, so head over there after you finish talking. Furthermore, head over to the circular room in the centre and kill all enemies that come between you and the medicine.

After you are inside the circular room, search around the room and open the two chests you see. Both of these will give you valuable loot. However, the medicine you are looking for is on the shelf on the side of the room. As you get near it, an option to search it will come, and choosing search will reward you with medicine. Now head over to the Doctor and get your reward by giving him what he desired.

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