Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All The Answers

Answering all the Academic Wanted Quiz can get you a handsome amount of Yen in the game. Isn’t the deal lucrative enough to play? This guide shows you all the answers to this Quiz.

Soul Hackers 2 is another and the latest sequel of the old game Devil Summoner. In the game, Ringo, the character you are to play, helps humanity to survive the apocalypse. Moreover, Ringo and the party members fight with their lives to make the world a better place.

There are some quests players must make apart from getting Demons and other resources in the game. One of them is Academic Wanted Quiz which has 3 parts. You must answer all of them right to complete this quest. It will not take much time if you know the answers.

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Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers

How To Accept “Academics Wanted Request”

You must start this request quest to answer all the quiz questions and earn Yen. This Request is known as an Academic Wanted Request.

To accept this Request, you may follow the steps below:

Arrow’s Soul Matrix

When you complete the story part of this section, Arrow’s Soul Matrix, visit Club Cretaceous.


This Club Cretaceous is located in Karakucho. Therefore, you will find and accept this Request in this place.

Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers
Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers

Teleport To Roppo Realm

After accepting the Request, you must hurry and teleport to Roppo Realm to meet the question teller.

Visit Cirque du Goumaden

When you arrive at Roppo Realm, immediately visit Cirque du Goumaden, which is in this Realm. You will find an NPC there waiting for you to ask the questions.

Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers

Talk To Kyuta

Kyuta is the NPC wearing a green hoodie at the left side of the entrance of Cirque du Goumaden. Talk to him, and he will ask to start the Academic Wanted Quiz for you.

He has a locked box to open. If you give all the correct answers, he can open the box where he has a map and completes the Request.

These are the steps to accept and start Academics Wanted Request.

Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers

All Answers

There’s no failing in the Quiz. You can retake it as much as you want. Also, there are 3 parts to this Academics Wanted Quiz. All the parts with questions and answers are given below:

Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers

Academics Wanted Quest: Part 1

You must be on Level 14 to do this part 1 of the Quiz. Moreover, you will need to Fuse 2 Demons to start this Quiz.

If you can answer all the correct answers to this Academic Wanted Quiz Part 1, you will get 6000 Yen which will help you progress in the game.

The three questions of this part are:

  • What is the current name of the country where the story of Night Mokoi Originated?
  • What is the translated meaning of Jirae Koropokkur’s name?
    Dweller beneath the butterbur
  • Which demon is also known by the title “Count of death and destruction”?

Academics Wanted Quest: Part 2

After you defeat Ash in Ozaki Hope Tower in the game, the second part of the Quiz starts, and if you can give the correct answers, you will get 24000 Yen as a reward. But players must be on Level 38 to do Part 2.

The four questions of this part are:

  • What is the name of the demon said to seduce men and born from the demon Lilith?
  • Nezha Taizi is a Chinese heroic god in the form of a young boy. Whom did he fight?
    Sun Wukong
  • The Raptor Muu Shuwuu was supposedly a girl who never knew love. So what is she known to drain from her victims?
  • What two things are the Greek god Dionysus associated with?
    Drink and Theater

Academics Wanted Quest: Part 3

After you find a way to get into the 24th Municipal Ward, the third part of the Quiz begins. If you get all the correct answers, 180,000 Yen will be given to you as a reward. The level for this part of the Quiz is Level 59.

The five questions of this part are:

  • Divine Power is a ranked title for angels. What is their original Greek name?
  • Which of these demons is known to have an excellent knowledge of birds and jewelry?
  • Which evil dragon is famous for being slain by the Scandinavian hero, Siegfried?
  • Concerning the vampire Kudlak and the emissary of light, Kresnik. What color are their animal forms when they do battle?
    Black and White
  • What is the place of judgment where the Egyptian god Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead?
    The Court Of Osiris
Soul Hackers 2 Academics Wanted Quiz: All the Answers

These are all 3 parts of the Academics Wanted Request Quiz with the answers. Each time you complete a part, Kyuta will open his locked boxes. So you better get them right!

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