Skull and Bones: How to Sign up for Beta

Skull and Bones is Ubisoft’s take on the pirate game. After going dark for quite some time, they re-announced the game, and you can sign up for the beta. Here is how to do it.

Skull and Bones were first announced back in 2017 at E3. Since then, news about this game has been quiet. Many people thought Ubisoft may have scrapped the idea and moved on to a new game. But proving them wrong, Ubisoft re-announced the game this year.

With the new announcement of Skull and Bones, they also started to accept players for a beta. So for the gameplay side of things, we can expect it to be like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag’s pirate ship. But other than confirming the game’s existence and showing some pre-order skins, we do not know much about it.

Since the beta for Skull and Bones should be starting soon, you may want to check it out. Here is how you can sign up for the beta.

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How to Sign up for Skull and Bones Beta

Signing up for Skull and Bones beta is relatively easy. Ubisoft has a landing page made for Skull and Bones. You can access the page through Ubisoft’s website. Here you will find a Pre-Order and a Register button on the site.

Clicking the Register option will take you to a new page and ask which platform you want to test the game on. Select your platform, and you are now one of the potential candidates for the Beta test. But of course, you must log in to their website with an account before registering.

As for when the beta starts and what kind of requirement is needed for it, we do not know. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not shared any date or requirement as of yet. But we can assume they will let the players know as the game’s release date comes closer.

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