Six Sweden Major Semi-Finals: FaZe beats DAMWON in a thriller showdown, NiP dominates Rogue

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Yesterday, the Six Sweden Major witnessed one of the greatest Siege matches of all time that will surely go down in history of Rainbow Six esports.

In the first matchup, the LATAM squad of FaZe Clan went against the uprising APAC team DAMWON Gaming. Throughout the tournament, the two in-form teams were looking like the favorites to lift the Major trophy, but only one could advance to the finals.

DWG vs FaZe

The series dubbed as ‘one of the best Siege matches’ by the community saw DWG dominating FaZe in the first map of Chalet, with DWG winning by a 7-3 scoreline. However, FaZe bounced back in their map pick, Bank, where they reversed the scoreline and made the best-of-three series 1-1.

In the final map of Oregon, the constant back and forth rounds provided us with some of the best nerve-wracking, tense, and fun Siege gameplay. This thrilling showdown continued till overtime match point (7-7), the very last round of the series. The whole series came down to a 1v1 situation between Lucas “soulz1” Romero Schinke and Jang “RIN” Byeong-uk in the final round. Eventually, FaZe had the last laugh, as soulz1 once again clutched the round and broke APAC hearts.

Check out the final 1v1 clutch below:

NiP vs Rogue

In the second semi-finals, Rogue went against the world champions of Ninjas in Pyjamas. From avoiding relegations in 2020 to knocking down the Mexico Major champions in the quarter-finals, Rogue has improved a lot this year. However, the mighty LATAM team of NiP overpowered them in the BO3 series.

NiP dominated Rogue on both the maps, Coastline (7-4) and Clubhouse (7-3), proving that their days are not over yet.

And with this win, LATAM once again confirms another International trophy. However, FaZe Clan has yet to win their first International Siege event, so they’ll give their best tonight against NiP in the Grand Finals. Make sure to catch the live stream at 4:30 PM CET, where there will be a special panel for Rainbow Six Extraction before the finals.

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