Shyvana Receives Big Changes on LoL Patch 13.14

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot is looking to make AD Shyvana more viable in Patch 13.14.

Riot is looking to make some big changes to the metagame with the upcoming 13.14 Patch. They’re closely examining the current state of underutilized champions and trying to make them more viable. One of these underutilized champions they are looking into is Shyvana.

Shyvana is currently one of the least-played champions in the game right now. She has an abysmal 1.1% pick rate with a 47% win rate. The reason for her poor pick rate and win rate is her play style. She has a very one-dimensional playstyle of Pressing R – Dragon’s Descent and spamming E – Flame Breath, which is not very fun and interactive.

To remedy the situation, Riot is looking to make her playstyle more diverse. The way they are approaching that is by making AD Shyvana actually viable. They are buffing her Q in Patch 13.14 and also adding an AD ratio to her E ability.

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Shyvana Changes

  • Q AD ratio increased from 20% – 80% to 20% – 100%
  • Q cooldown increased from 7 – 5 seconds to 8 – 6
  • Q now grants 40% – 60% attack speed for the 2 attacks.
  • E on-hit now scales with 1% max HP per 100 bonus AD.

Shyvana Q – Twin Bite AD ratio and attack speed is increasing while the cooldown is going up to compensate for the buffs. E – Flame Breath is also getting a new bonus AD ratio.

AP Shyvana has been the default way of playing Shyvana for a while now. But it seems like Riot is looking to diversify her build paths by making AD Shyvana viable.

Release Date

The Shyvana changes will be out on Patch 13.14, scheduled to release on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

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