Sentinels Defeats Gen.G in VCT 2024 Masters Grand Finals with a 3-2 Score

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Credit: Riot Games/ Sentinels

NA’s last hope, Sentinels, snatches victory after showing a terrific performance in the VCT 2024 Masters Madrid, going 3-2 against Gen.G in the grand finals.

The VCT 2024 Masters Madrid came to an end with a spectacular grand final between Sentinels and Gen.G. More than a million people tuned in live to this match from all over the world to witness the two titans go against each other. Although Gen.G was the slightly favored team to win, Sentinels went away as the winner of VCT 2024’s first international LAN event, taking away the Masters trophy as well as 250,000 USD.

The final score between the two teams was 3-2 in favor of Sentinels. Being the upper-bracket team in the event, Gen.G had the first map ban advantage in the best-of-5 match format. The maps that were picked were Breeze, Bind, Ascent, Split, and Icebox. Here are overviews of all the maps that were played in the grand finals of the VCT 2024 Masters between Sentinels and Gen.G:

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1st Match Overview: Breeze

Final Score : Gen.G 13 – Sentinels 8

The first half between Sentinels and Gen.G was very even. The half ended 7-5 in favor of Gen.G. Sentinels won the second pistol round as Attackers. They then drew level with Gen.G, bringing the score to 7-7. The two teams traded blows in the following two rounds. However, after the 8-8 score, Sentinels failed to keep up with their opposition, and Gen.G pretty convincingly finished the match with 13-8.

2nd Match Overview: Bind

Final Score: Sentinels 14 – Gen.G 12

Sentinels started on Bind by winning the pistol round. The first half was a back-and-forth battle between the two finalists, ending 6-6. The next pistol round went to Gen.G. Gen.G then maintained the lead until the final score of 9-6. The next round went to Sentinels, and the latter went to Gen.G, making the scoreline 10-7 in favor of the Korean roster. Sentinels then made a stunning comeback, winning five consecutive rounds to lead Gen.G by two rounds, with a score of 12-10. However, Gen.G remained strong and won the next two rounds, matching the score with Sentinels. Yet that was not enough to cause the Sentinels to lose their composure, as they triumphed in the two overtime rounds and clinched the match 14-12.

3rd Match Overview: Ascent

Final Score: Gen.G 13 – Sentinels 8

Sentinels carried their momentum from the last match into Ascent and took the first two rounds with ease. Gen.G won the next two rounds but lost the following three against Sentinels. With a 5-2 score, the North American team was rapidly pulling ahead of Gen.G. However, Gen.G prevented it from happening and tied the score at 6-6 with Sentinels in the first half. After switching sides, Gen.G won the next four rounds as Attackers, restoring a 10-6 lead. Although Sentinels managed to take the next two rounds, they couldn’t make the comeback they were looking for, and the match finished with a 13-8 scoreline in favor of Gen.G.

4th Match Overview: Split

Final Score: Sentinels 13 – Gen.G 10

Unlike the other three maps, Sentinels had a four-round lead against Gen.G in the first half of Split. The North American team ended the first half against Gen.G with an 8-4 score. After switching sides, Gen.G won the next two rounds as the Defenders, and Sentinels seized the following two rounds back from the Korean team. The next two rounds were again won by Gen.G, cutting Sentinels’ lead by two rounds. The next round, again, went to Sentinels, leaving the score at 11-8. In the next round, Gen.G made a flawless retake into the A site and won their ninth round in Split. Gen.G also won the next round, as Lakia made a spectacular 1v2 clutch against Sentinels and defused the Spike. The next two rounds were close, but Sentinels came out strong and won both, resulting in a final score of 13-10 in favor of the North American team.

Decider Match Overview: Icebox

Final Score: Sentinels 13 – Gen.G 6

Sentinels won the first two rounds of Icebox, but Gen.G won the last three rounds, leaving Sentinels a 4-3 lead. Gen.G attempted to equalize the score but ultimately lost a two-round lead to Sentinels in the first half. Sentinels kept their calm and won the following two rounds as Attackers to widen the lead. Gen.G was slipping behind Sentinels with a score of 5-9. However, they were able to pull off an impressive retake against Sentinels in the following round, bringing the score to 6-9. Unfortunately, that was it for Gen.G as Sentinels continued their dominance in the rest of the match and convincingly finished it 13-6.

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