Returnal PS5: How to Get the Secret ending

Spoiler Alert but here is how you can get the secret ending to Returnal.

The much-awaited PS5 exclusive was released yesterday, and according to fans and critics, the game is hard to complete. Despite it being tough, it is still one of the best games to play on the PS5, as of writing this article. The game has secrets and mysteries you can search throughout the planet. Furthermore, this is a guide on how you can get that secret ending for Returnal on PS5.

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You will need to fully complete Act 1 and Act 2 to unlock this ending. Even after defeating the final boss in Returnal, it only marks the end of Act 2. Act 3 is rather long and time-consuming, but the walkthrough below will help you achieve the secret Rerunal ending you desire.

Act 3 Secret Ending-

To unlock the secret ending, you will need something called surface fragments, which you will have to gather in the game. You will find three of these surface fragments in Act 1 and the rest of the three surface fragments in Act 2. All of these will sum up to a key and, this key will let you unlock the secret ending.

We can’t tell exactly where the fragments will be, since the game items do not have a fixed pattern. Although we can give you an idea as to where to look for them –

  • OVERGROWN RUINS SUNFACE FRAGMENT -You’ll find the Overgrown Ruins Sunface Fragment in a room with a long gap.
  • CRIMSON WASTES SUNFACE FRAGMENT -The Crimson Waste Sunface Fragment appears in the open desert, at the top of a tower.
  • CRIMSON WASTES SUNFACE FRAGMENT -The Crimson Waste Sunface Fragment appears in the open desert, at the top of a tower.
  • DERELICT CITADEL SUNFACE FRAGMENT – The Derelict Citadel Sunface Fragment is in a small body of water just after the bridge.
  • ECHOING RUINS SUNFACE FRAGMENT – The Echoing Ruins Sunface Fragment is in a long room with red ooze.
  • FRACTURED WASTES SUNFACE FRAGMENT -The Fractured Wastes Sunface Fragment is in a room with a massive turret in the center.
  • ABYSSAL SCAR SUNFACE FRAGMENT – The Sunface Fragment in the Abyssal Scar is in a multi-platform room

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Once you gather all of these fragments, Selene will mention that the key is completed. Although to use this key, you will have to redo Act 2 and its final boss. After you defeat Ophion one last time, you will walk past the sunken sedan, but this time you will be able to use the key. This key will unlock the End of Act 3 and the secret ending of returnal.

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