Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Crystal Guard: Release Times, Patch Sizes, and more

Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest Y6S3 ‘Crystal Guard’ is officially releasing today on all platforms, and it is bringing some exciting changes to the game.

The new season of Rainbow Six Siege will introduce Osa: the latest attacker, 3 map reworks, HP rework, operator balancing changes, and a lot more.

Y6S3 Crystal Guard will be deployed today, September 7th, and Ubisoft has just confirmed the release times and the patch sizes for the update.

R6S Y6S3 Crystal Guard Release Times

The Y6S3 Patch will be deployed at 13:00 UTC for PC, which includes Steam, Ubisoft Connect, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. For Xbox and Playstation users, the update will drop at 14:00 and 15:00 UTC respectively. The servers will go down for an hour for the patch to be deployed.

Patch Sizes

  • Steam: 12 GB
  • Ubisoft Connect: 24 GB
  • Xbox One/ Series X: 20 GB
  • PS4: 20 GB
  • PS5: 16 GB

Ubisoft has confirmed that the patch sizes are larger than usual to consolidate data files. So, after installing this latest patch, the final game sizes will be as follows:

  • PC Ubisoft Connect: 50.4 GB
  • With HD Texture Pack & all languages: 85.5 GB
  • PC Steam: 51.8 GB
  • With HD Texture Pack: 78.2 GB
  • Xbox: 50.8 GB
  • PS4: 56 GB
  • PS5: 55.6 GB
Image: Ubisoft

NOTE: The above numbers can vary slightly between systems.

Check the full Y6S3 Patch Notes for all the new changes that are coming with the new season.

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