Rainbow Six Siege “Tour De Force” Battle Pass All Rewards listed

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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(Image via: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft just released the third battle pass for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, titled “Tour De Force,” which includes a vast collection of cosmetic items, Alpha Packs, and consumables.

The newest “Tour De Force” battle pass will follow the same multi-tier battle pass system, consisting of two tracks: the “Free” track and the “Premium” track. However, unlike the previous battle passes, the third iteration of the battle pass will contain ten additional tiers, totaling to a 45-tier reward track. There is also a PREMIUM BUNDLE costing 2400 credits, which will immediately unlock the first 12 tiers, giving you a headstart.

We’ve combined the full list of rewards in the 45 tiers of the Tour De Force Battle pass for both Premium and Free tracks.

Rainbow Six Battle Pass Premium Rewards

Tour De Force premium reward track

The premium track of the Battle Pass costs 1200 R6 credits for non-year pass holders (840 credits for Y5 pass owners). Check out the list to see if it’s worth your credits.

  • Level 1: Nokk Blacksmith Bundle (Uniform, Headgear, FMG-9 Skin, Charm)
  • Level 2: 24 Hours Renown Booster
  • Level 3: Mission Blacksmith 416-C Skin (Jager)
  • Level 4: Epic (Purple) Alpha Pack
  • Level 5: Broken Hearts Club (Bandit)
  • Level 6: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 7: Bright Camouflage Uniform (Twitch)
  • Level 8: Saturated F2 Skin (Twitch)
  • Level 9: 24 Hours Renown Booster
  • Level 10: Crimson Dispatch Uniform (Bandit)
  • Level 11: Rare (Blue) Alpha Pack
  • Level 12: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 13: Beam Line Headgear (Twitch)
  • Level 14: Montainous Mimicry ALDA 5.56 Skin (Maestro)
  • Level 15: Leather And Denim (Maverick)
  • Level 16: 24 Hours Renown Booster
  • Level 17: Blacksmith Buck Universal Charm
  • Level 18: Epic (Purple) Alpha Pack
  • Level 19: Mission Blacksmith C8-SFW Skin (Buck)
  • Level 20: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 21: Legendary Alpha Pack
  • Level 22: Snowballer Universal Charm
  • Level 23: 24 Hours Renown Booster
  • Level 24: Mission Blacksmith Uniform (Jager)
  • Level 25: Rare (Blue) Alpha Pack
  • Level 26: Mission Blacksmith Headgear (Buck)
  • Level 27: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 28: Alpine Agent Headgear (Maestro)
  • Level 29: Swift Ammunition MP5 Skin (Doc, Rook, Oryx)
  • Level 30: 24 Hours Renown Booster
  • Level 31: Mission Blacksmith Uniform (Buck)
  • Level 32: Epic (Purple) Alpha Pack
  • Level 33: Padded Hide AR-15.50 Skin (Maverick)
  • Level 34: 120 R6 Credits
  • Level 35: Loose Ushanka Headgear (Fuze)
  • Level 36: Blacksmith Jager Universal Charm
  • Level 37: 24 Hours Renown Booster
  • Level 38: Mission Blacksmith Headgear (Jager)
  • Level 39: Rare (Blue) Alpha Pack
  • Level 40: Biker Blues Headgear (Rook)
  • Level 41: Flash Drive Universal Charm
  • Level 42: Mobile Trooper Uniform (Rook)
  • Level 43: Epic (Purple) Alpha Pack
  • Level 44: Velveteen Attachment Skin
  • Level 45: Velveteen Universal Weapon Skin

Rainbow Six Battle Pass Free Rewards

Tour De Force free reward track

The free track of the “Tour De Force” battle pass features a mere 13 in-game items, with 5 of them being a charm. Check out the full list here:

  • Level 2: Full Throttle Universal Charm
  • Level 5: Vital Flow MP7 Skin (Bandit)
  • Level 9: Ticker Badge Universal Charm
  • Level 13: Epic (Purple) Alpha Pack
  • Level 16: Equine Trinket Universal Charm
  • Level 20: Alpine Task Uniform (Maestro)
  • Level 23: Epic (Purple) Alpha Pack
  • Level 27: Navy Coating AK-12 Skin (Fuze, Ace)
  • Level 30: Styled Cut (Maverick)
  • Level 34: Cubby Universal Charm
  • Level 37: Frosty Weather Uniform (Fuze)
  • Level 41: Legendary Alpha Pack
  • Level 45: Chief Rooster Universal Charm

Tour De Force battle pass will last for four weeks, ending on July 27th. So if you want to grab the items, start grinding from now.

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