Rainbow Six Siege Fan completely recreates the map ‘Chalet’ in Minecraft

One of the original Rainbow Six Siege maps -Chalet- has been brought to Minecraft with this amazing fan-made creation.

Reddit user -Calle has shared the massive recreation of the tactical shooter’s Chalet map, with the exact look of how it was before the map got reworked in Operation Shadow Legacy. It definitely took some hours to put this map together, but “it was worth it” said the user.

Receiving nearly 14k upvotes in one day, the Siege community seems to have loved this Chalet Minecraft crossover. This Rainbow Six Siege map has been re-imagined with the sandbox game’s unique blocky art-style. From the iconic interior fireplace of Chalet to the helipad near the Lakeside spawn, almost everything has been brought over to this Minecraft world.

The fantastic video choreography and the attention to details of the map elevated this map-recreation to another level. And everything looks just even better with Ray Tracing turned on. Check out some of the screenshots from user KvVortex down below.

-Calle even made the Chalet world available to the public, so you can download this map yourself and admire it on your own. Make sure to manually put the file in your worlds folder.

If you have the time, maybe you can even try using some gun mods to turn Minecraft into a tactical shooter with Siege-like destructibility, as suggested by some fans in the comments.

It’s not the first time, someone has recreated a Siege map in Minecraft. You can see another example of the map Villa over here.

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