Pewdiepie Wins Most Handsome Face of 2020 Exceeding BTS star Kim Tae-Hyung

YouTuber Pewdiepie has won the most handsome face of 2020 leaving behind people like Kim Tae Hyung, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, and others.

Independent Critics and TC Candler publishees the 100 most beautiful faces list every yea since 1990. Initially, it started as a small project but has since turned into an internet phenomenon over the years. The top 100 most beautiful face list is apparently considered to be the most prestigious and internationally recognized list of it’s kind.

Since 2013, due to popular demand, a top 100 most handsome faces list has also been started and its popularity is almost on par with the most beautiful faces list already. This list represents the top 100 men in the world who have the most handsome face. A top 100 most handsome faces list 2020 was published recently.

How is the top 100 most handsome face list made?

The Independent Critics are a group of 20 people living in various countries. They search all over the world to find the most beautiful and handsome faces from around the world. These critics apparently also consider suggestions from people around the globe. According to their website, TC Chandler and the independent critics select only 100 faces among the 105,000 faces from around the world which is 0.0010%.

The list is apparently not a popularity contest and is also not country-specific. It does not take into consideration the sexiest bodies or the famousness of a person.

According to the official website of Independent Critics,

“Unlike most other annual beauty rankings, The List is not a popularity contest and is most definitely not country-specific. It is not about the sexiest body or the most famous celebrity. Rather, the list attempts to inform & broaden public opinion instead of reflecting it. You will find superstars and new stars, global sensations, and relative unknowns.”

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Pewdiepie Wins most handsome face 2020

Felix Kjellberg or more commonly known online as Pewdiepie is a Swedish YouTuber who won the top 100 handsome faces list of 2020. He was placed in 1st position leaving behind people like BTS star Kim Tae-hyung, Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, and many other celebrities and personalities.

This is not the first time Pewdiwpie was on the most handsome faces list. Pewdiepie was on the 18,7,4,2 spots on the list in the years 2016,2017,2018,2019 respectively. But this year Pewdiepie has claimed the 1st spot on the top 100 most handsome face list.

Pewdiepie won top 100 most handsome faces 2020
Pewdiepie won the top 100 most handsome faces 2020

BTS star Kim Tae Hyung was in 2nd place of the top 100 most handsome faces 2020. Chris Hemsworth was in 3rd spot and singer/songwriter Jungkook took the 4th spot. The 5th spot on the top 100 most handsome faces 2020 goes to Henry Cavill.

Kim Tae-hyung 2nd spot top 100 most handsome faces 2020
Kim Tae-hyung took 2nd spot on the top 100 most handsome faces 2020 list.

Since the release of the top 100 most handsome faces list went public Twitter has literally blown up because of Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie fans are congratulating him on this great achievement. The keyword Pewdiepie has seen 4509 tweets as of writing this article.

Pewdiepie trending on Twitter
Pewdiepie trending on Twitter

The 100 most handsome faces of 2020 full list:

The full list of the 100 most handsome faces of 2020 can be seen below in the official video released by TC Candler.

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