New Warzone 2.0 Wall Glitch is almost like Cheating

New Warzone 2.0 wall glitch is plaguing lobbies. A Reddit user captured the glitch in action, which seems to be worse than cheating.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 had a rocky but successful launch worldwide. With Activision’s RICOCHET anti-cheat in action, most hackers were blasted out of the game in the first week. However, various in-game exploits and glitches have taken the place of the cheating plague, making it a huge annoyance for the player base.

A Reddit user recently shared a clip of them being blasted by an enemy through the wall. While most players might think it is a cheater’s work, it is a new in-game glitch. The new glitch allows players to shoot through walls dealing the same amount of damage as normal gunfights out in the open.

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New Warzone 2.0 Glitch is Cheating

In a recent Reddit thread titled “This is definitely not cheating,” u/iLLa556 shared a clip of them getting killed by an invisible enemy through walls in-game.

The original poster was entering a building when they were beamed out of nowhere. When the kill cam arrived, it was apparent that the person that killed them was using the wall exploit. The exploiter can be seen standing in the glitch spot with their teammate.

Reddit user Daddy Sanctus shared a similar experience with the wall glitch. The user stated how their team was eliminated by a player using the same wall glitch. However, they also mentioned how the exploiter might get stuck inside the wall once they start using the exploit.

u/Yellowtoblerone shared the throwback of the same Warzone 1 glitch players used to shoot through walls. They further expressed their frustration with how long devs take to fix these problems.

While these glitches remain rampant in Warzone 2.0, the devs are yet to address the situation. Hopefully, the devs will take their time and fix these in-game glitches and exploits as they ruin the integrity and fun of the game.

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