New Rainbow Six Siege update fixes performances issues on Xbox

Ubisoft is finally releasing a hotfix to address the major performance issues for Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox consoles.

After the recent patch Y6S1.1 dropped on consoles this week, Rainbow Six Siege players on Xbox were facing various problems that made the game almost unplayable.

Some Xbox players were reportedly playing with less than 30 FPS on their consoles with the new patch, while others were facing constant stuttering. Rainbow Six Siege is known to be quite buggy, and the new patch seems to have made it even worse for a big percentage of Xbox players.

Now, after almost a week, Ubisoft seems to have mitigated the issues with Patch Y6S1.1 on Xbox for good. The hotfix will be deployed today on Xbox only at 13:00 UTC.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Patch Y6S1.1 introduced some important changes including the recoil bug fix, knife peek exploit, streamer mode, and more. Alongside this, Ubisoft has also changed the “Charms Menu” that can now be sorted by rarity and alphabetical order. However, this is a temporary fix, and a fully revamped version of the Charms selection is coming in the future.

You can find the full patch notes here.

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