New Kali Divine Bundle designed by Ikumi Nakamura arrives in Rainbow Six store

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

Ikumi Nakamura is back with yet another Rainbow Six Siege skin, and this time it is for the Nighthaven operator— Kali.

The new skins are available in the ‘Kali Divine Bundle‘, which is the third bundle designed by Ikumi Nakamura in the game.

Ubisoft collaborated with former Ghostwire: Tokyo developer and The Evil Within artist Ikumi Nakamura to release exclusive Rainbow Six Siege skins. The unique Nakamura bundles were first introduced at the beginning of Year 6, which included the Echo’s Whisper and Dokkaebi’s Spirit Bundles.

Kali Divine Bundle

Screenshot from R6S

The Kali Divine Bundle contains:

  • Pigment Eruption (CSRX 300) weapon skin
  • Fierce Mother headgear
  • Color Festival uniform
  • Hamsa charm

Ikumi Nakamura shared that when designing the new skin, India was celebrating their spring Holi Festival. And from there, she got the inspiration for this colourful bundle for the Indian operator: Kali.

The Kali Divine Bundle can now be bought from the in-game store with 1680 R6 credits. Unfortunately, players won’t be able to buy them with renown.

Ubisoft has plans to add more crossover skins, such as the Resident Evil Zofia Elite skin, in the future, so keep following us for the latest updates.

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