Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Research Projects

Here are all the Research Projects you can find in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Besides each character having different cards, Marvel’s Midnight Suns also offer various kinds of Research Projects. These Research Projects will help improve your gameplay and make you more powerful. Inside the home base of your characters, the Abbey, you can upgrade your character’s abilities.

Here you will also be able to conduct experiments with the help of Doctor Strange and Iron Man. These experiments will help you get cards like doing interrogations during a battle. The research facility will also help you make combat items and Hero outfits. Moreover, you can check out all the research Projects in Midnight Suns below:

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All Research Projects in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Before we head into all the projects in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, let’s learn what Research Projects are and how you unlock them. You will unlock the Research menu after you bring the first Artifact to Doctor Strange. Research projects will allow you to make upgrades, combat items, outfits, techs, and cards.

Research Projects in Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Each Research Project takes one whole day to complete. That’s the only thing that could be a little annoying when you are trying to get your Research level up. Moreover, you can check out all the Research projects and what each offers upon completion below:

LevelNameDurationDetailsResearch Rewards
1Supernatural Fabrication1 dayComplete 1 mission with Doctor StrangeLets you craft items
1The Way of the Fang1 dayComplete 3 missions with BladeLets you move next to enemies to do a Knockback
1War Games1 dayComplete 1 mission with Captain MarvelAdds an extra ability card among the choices when you open Gamma Coils.
2Blood Born1 dayUpgrade 2 Blade abilitiesA Hero Damage card gain will Lifesteal for two turns
2Combat Item Slot IIOne dayCraft 5 Combat Items at the Item BenchAdds a second combat item slot
2The Old One-TwoOne dayComplete one mission with Spider-ManEnemies take more damage when knocked into allies
3Book of the VishantiOne dayComplete two missions with Doctor StrangeYou will be able to craft Hero abilities from Blueprints
3High Tech SuitOne dayComplete three missions with Iron ManIt will give you the Hunter’s High-Tech Suit and its passive.
3Mystical HealingOne dayComplete three missions with Nico MinoruAllows heroes to heal in a single day after being wounded
3Symbiote SamplerOne dayComplete The Deep Dark Venomous Depths MissionSymbiote Sampler
4Alien AlloysOne dayUpgrade 3 Captain Marvel abilitiesIt lets you run two Hero Ops at the same time.
4Borderline SuitOne dayReach Friendship Level 2 with Nico MinoruIt will give you the Hunter’s Borderline Suit and its passive.
4Faithbreaker SuitOne dayComplete The Bell Tolls… MissionIt gives you the Hunter’s Faithbreaker Suit, and it’s passive.
4Forged in HellfireOne dayComplete four missions with Ghost RiderAllows you to partake in Legendary Challenges
4New ThreatOne dayComplete three missions with MagikIt lets you enter a Limbo domain where you fight demons in three rounds
4SITREPOne dayComplete 1 Hero Op with Captain AmericaIt makes challenges available in all missions.
4The Best of UsOne dayUpgrade 3 Spider-Man abilitiesYou will unlock the Nanotech Weave item
4Truth SerumOne dayComplete 1 Hero Op with Captain MarvelIt allows you to use the Interrogation action on some defeated enemies. 
5Advanced MaterialsOne dayComplete five missions with Iron ManIncreases the Essences you gain from salvaging cards.
5Before They Know What Hit’ EmOne dayComplete 1 Hero Op with MagikHero Ops grant bonus rewards if you meet the requirements.
5Devil’s DealOne dayCraft 1 Epic Ghost Rider abilityYou will get the Obsidian Athame item
5Science FairOne dayComplete six missions with Spider-ManYou can now craft rare quality items.
6Blood, Sweat, and TearsOne dayComplete six missions with BladeIt allows you to mod cards, giving them additional effects.
6DemonchyldeOne dayComplete story mission Skin Deep and story event Capture the BarghestIt gives you the Hunter’s Demonchylde Suit, and it’s passive. 
6Fault ToleranceOne dayUpgrade 4 Iron Man abilitiesReroll one card among the Gamma Coil choices.
7AriseOne dayUpgrade 4 Nico Minoru abilitiesArise – Phoenix Flame item
8Gamma AcceleratorOne dayComplete All the Devils Are Here Mission and follow the story objectives during the next dayGamma Accelerator
8If Looks Could KillOne dayUpgrade 5 Magik abilitiesEvil Eye Totem item
8The Old Three-FourOne dayComplete two missions with WolverineHeroes draw a card when enemies are knocked into them.
9Cosmic InspirationOne dayUpgrade 4 Doctor Strange abilitiesHunter challenges can net you legendary combat items.
9On Your FeetOne dayComplete three missions with Scarlet WitchSpend moves to Cure allies in combat.
9Silent PartnerOne dayComplete six missions with Captain AmericaIt lets you sell unwanted stuff for credits.
10Combat Item Slot IIIOne dayCraft 12 Combat Items at the Item BenchAdds another slot for combat items
10Hell’s Comin’ With MeOne dayUpgrade 2 Ghost Rider abilitiesInstantly gain several Training Yard levels.
10One Man ArmyOne dayComplete 1 Hero Op with Wolverine.Utility Belt item
10Supreme FocusOne dayComplete four missions with Scarlet WitchChanneling Hex item
10Tactics DebriefOne dayUpgrade 5 Captain America abilitiesThe first mission card you receive has the “Free” perk.
10The GodkillerOne dayComplete The Witch on Wundagore Mountain MissionThe Godkiller
11Mystical SymbiosisOne dayUpgrade 4 Scarlet Witch abilitiesCraft epic quality items
11Ultimate Fighting MachineOne dayUpgrade 4 Wolverine abilitiesIncrease ability options when analyzing Gamma Coils
15Change of PlansOne dayComplete 3 missions with HulkReroll one general/side mission per day.
15Energy DrinkOne dayUpgrade 3 Hulk abilitiesIt unlocks Hulk’s Legendary Challenge

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