LoL New Champion Aurora Abilities Revealed

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The upcoming champion Aurora has been a topic of conversation as Riot has revealed her Abilities.

Aurora is going to be the brand new champion that comes out in League of Legends. Slated to come out during the Summer Event, Aurora is a Mage champion suited for both Top and Mid Lane.

Teasers along with the League of Legends Mini-Game The Spirit of the Hearth introduced Aurora’s story to the players. With the gameplay content out, let’s talk about Aurora’s Abilities.

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Aurora’s Abilities

Judging from the video shared above by Riot, you can tell she has a lot of utility in her kit like going invisible and controlling a zone where she can freely move. Also, damage abilities were shown with a recall projectile similar to Zoe.

There is a lot to like about her abilities with a lot of movement capabilities with skill shot damage. We will update this article when the ability stats and such are revealed.

Passive – Spirit Abjuration:

Ability Description: If Aurora damages an enemy 3 times with either her spell, attacks, or both, she will deal magic damage and gain a Spirit. This allows her to enter Spirit Mode and gain movement speed, empowering her healing for 3 seconds.

For every additional spirit following Aurora, the bonuses from Spirit Mode are increased by 5%.

Q – Twofold Hex:

Ability Description: Fire a blast of energy in a direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hitting and marking them.

You can recast the ability to use the mark to gain the Spirit back dealing magic damage to enemies that it passes through.

W – Across The Veil:

Ability Description: Hop in a direction. Upon landing, enter the spirit realm, become Invisible, and enter Spirit Mode for several seconds.

Takedowns on Enemy Champions reset the cooldown for Across the Veil.

E – The Weirding:

Ability Description: Send out a blast of Spirit Magic to deal damage in an area and slow the target’s hit.

Aurora will hop backward slightly on cast.

R – Between Worlds:

Send out a pulse of Spirit Energy that deals damage and slows enemies.

The area merges with the Spirit Realm, granting Aurora an empowered Spirit Mode, and allowing her to travel from one end of the area to the other freely.

Enemies who try to cross the threshold will take magic damage, be slowed, and be pushed back toward the center of the area.

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