LoL Dragonmancer Kassadin Skin: Splash Art, Price, & Release Date

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

A new dragon-themed skin for Kassadin, Dragonmancer Kassadin, has been revealed.

As a free-to-play game, League of Legends earns most of its revenue from the game’s cosmetics—namely, the champion skins. As of now, the game has more than 1,500 skins. These skins are categorized based on their separate universes. Each universe reimagines the champion in a different light.

For example, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, instead of being a lost traveler in The Void, is a metaphysical, celestial being watching over everything as a sentinel, an observer of both the old and the new world.

Speaking of Kassadin, his last skin was released in 2022, named Shockblade Kassadin. 2023 was not his year, sadly. But his mains should be happy to know that he will be getting a new fit as a New Year’s gift by Rito. Kassadin is put in the Dragonmancer skin line, from the Dragon World. Dragonmancer is a new set of skins, belonging to the same superset with the Dragontrainer, Dragonslayer groups in it, etc., previously released groups.

In this article, let’s look at what the upcoming skin may look like. Although, let me warn you. Some of the VFX and particles shown are not confirmed yet by Riot. These are merely from the PBE and pre-release versions and are subject to change in the final release.

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Dragonmancer Kassadin Details

First Impressions

Dragonmancer Kassadin model
screenshot from skinspotlights

The first thing that catches my eye from this image is the use of bright Turquoise color on Kassadin’s Hair, the Nether Blade, and the small wings behind his shoulders. His robe also has a mixture of Green, Blue, and Golden and shades of them all over. The patterns are very dragonlike, with clear draconic wings and head patterns embroidered on his clothes.

Dragonmancer Kassadin recall
screenshot from skinspotlights

According to the PBE pre-release, Kassadin will get a new recall animation, as is usually the case with Epic skins. Here, we see the Dragon spirit creating the recall portal for Kassadin to go through.

Dragonmancer Kassadin auto
screenshot from skinspotlights

Dragonmancer Kassadin’s auto attack has the usual animation with dark blue and turquoise dragon aura surrounding his body and the blade.

Dragonmancer Kassadin q
screenshot from skinspotlights

His Q shows nothing out of the ordinary here other than the visual overhaul with the theme’s color gradient.

Dragonmancer Kassadin w
screenshot from skinspotlights

His empowered attack from W enshrouds the nether blade with glowing light as dragon is shown to be circling around his Torso.

Dragonmancer Kassadin e
screenshot from skinspotlights

Kassadin’s E is also quite minimalistic here with simple use of his skin’s colors.

Dragonmancer Kassadin
screenshot from skinspotlights

Kassadin’s signature ability is his Ultimate, which makes him a late-game horror for any enemy comp. When he teleports, he appears at the target location from a portal and we see how his emerging body’s bottom part is blended with the Dragon’s body.

Overall, I think it’s a passable skin at best. They did not try to do anything out of the box here. Plain old dragon-themed design with new VFX to match the skin’s concept.

However, as stated before, this is only the look from PBE. The final version may introduce several changes.

Splash Art

Splash art for this skin has not been revealed yet.


Tier: Epic

Price: 1350 RP

So When Does Dragonmancer Kassadin Release?

All the Dragonmancer Skins, along with Kassadin’s, are set to release on January 9, 2024, along with the highly anticipated new season patch 14.1.

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