League of Legends Rank 1 Flex Player Has Staggering 99% Winrate

North America’s rank one flex queue player has an astonishing 99% win rate. So let’s take a look to see if they are legit or if they are cheating.

Ranked is the most played game mode in League of Legends, in which players can play by themselves or with premade to get a good rank. Usually, players with similar ranks compete with each other, and the team who wins a ranked match gets a higher rank.

There are currently two ranked modes: Solo Queue and Flex Queue. Solo Queue is where players compete alone, and Flex Queue is where players can compete as a team of any size (except for four parties). Both of the ranked modes have separate ranked ladders. So if a player is Platinum in solo queue, he might be Grandmaster in flex queue.

Flex Queue can offer teams or friends groups to play with each other, since not only can they strive for ranks while playing with each other, but also with Flex Queue, players can use League’s integrated voice chat system since you need to be in a party to use that.

But Flex Queue is not as popular as Solo Queue, so it is plagued with bot accounts, scripters, win-traders, smurfs, etc. It is not uncommon where a Silver team plays against a full Challenger-level team in Flex Queue.

Today, we will look at the Rank 1 Flex Queue player in North America, Year Year U Fish. They are a Challenger-ranked player in Flex Queue with an astonishing 99% win rate.

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Year Year U Fish: Rank 1 Flex Queue Player

Year Year U Fish is a support main. On solo queue, their rank is Platinum 1, with a 58% win rate. Meanwhile, as stated before, they are a Challenger player on Flex with 2163LP, with a 99% win rate. One thing to note is that, in the current season, he only played 22 games in Solo Queue; meanwhile, he played 237 games in Flex Queue, and he won 234 of those matches and lost only 3 of them.

His main champions are Thresh, Nautilus, and Karma. He has not played any other roles besides support this season.

Rank 1 Flex Queue Player
Image via op.gg

Since he is playing Flex Queue, he is always playing five stacks. Some of his prominent premades are:

  • TES Jackeylové
  • About Lily chou
  • cai jiu bi zui
  • Rosesrmine

TES Jackeylové

TES Jackeylové is an ADC player playing with Year Year U fish. They are platinum 2 in both solo and flex queue, with a 57% win rate in solo and 52% in flex queue.

About Lily chou

About Lily chou is a jungle player who plays with Year Year U Fish. They are Gold 2 player with a 50% win rate in the solo queue and platinum 2 with a 55% win rate in the flex queue. One thing to note here is that they have over 633 matches played in the solo queue; meanwhile, they have around 180 matches played in the flex queue.

cai jiu bi zui

cai jiu bi zui is the top laner of Year Year U Fish’s team. Even though they are Diamond 4 in the flex queue, surprisingly, they are unranked in the solo queue.


Rosesrmine is the mid-lane who plays with Year Year U Fish, is a Grandmaster player with 737LP in solo queue, and his rank in flex queue is Platinum 1.

Are They Cheating?

We cannot say for certain if they are cheating or not. There are accusations such as they are win-trading, they are using bought accounts, they are surfing, etc. The most plausible of them is that they are using bought accounts or smurfing.

According to Riot, win trading refers to any actions that a player or group of players may take to fix the outcome of a match, usually to boost a player’s rank or account level. For example, if a player is queuing with a friend to see if both can get into the same game, it works, but they are versing each other. One of the players needs to win this game to be promoted a rank, so the other player lets him win by feeding, trolling, giving him info, etc. Anything you can do to help the first player win; thus, they are win trading.

Win trading is more prominent in the solo queue rather than in the flex queue because they can easily queue up with each other in the flex queue by adding them to the party.

Year Year U Fish is probably not win trading because they have a different opponent each time. But the most plausible of the accusations is that he or his entirely is smurfing.

First, Year Year U Fish does not have many games played in solo queue. Most of their games played are in Flex. One notable thing is that most of his teammate’s flex rank is very low, mostly Platinum or gold. For example, Rosesrmine, their grandmaster player, is platinum 1 in their flex rank. cai jiu bi zui, a diamond player in the flex queue, is unrated in the solo queue.

Thanks to his teammate’s averagely low rank in Flex, they get a much easier opponent to deal with. Thus, they can win most of their games very easily.

Even though we cannot say for certain if they are cheating, it is still intriguing to look at someone with a 99% win rate and is also the rank 1 player in ranked, albeit in flex queue.

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