League of Legends player finds a game-breaking Wukong bug

A Wukong bug was discovered recently, and it is game-breaking.

League of Legends is an ever-evolving game, and with gameplay changes every 14 days, it is bound to have a few bugs. Riot usually does a decent job of ironing out the bugs. But this time, a major Wukong bug slipped through the cracks.

The bug was recently discovered and posted to Reddit by a user named StenfiskarN. Although Wukong has recently seen a fair share of bugs, this one bites the cake, especially since Wukong is currently one of the most played jungler in the game. And, with Worlds 2022 right around the corner, it will also affect Professional play.

What is the Wukong bug?

The aforementioned bug is an Ult bug, which affects his Ultimate ability. Wukongs ultimate ability, Cyclone, is one of his iconic abilities. The ability has two charges, and each charge of the ultimate knocks up the enemy champion. Cyclone also does maximum health damage to enemies, which is essential to his dueling and team fighting.

However, the bug makes it that Wukong does about 11% less damage on his second ult cast. This is huge as his ultimate is one of his most damaging abilities.

When will Riot fix the bug?

Wukong is one of the most prominent Junglers in Professional play, so he will most likely be played in Worlds 2022. And with only one patch remaining before Worlds 2022, Riot will definitely fix the bug in Patch 12.18. The patch will release on Wednesday, Sept 21, 2022.

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