League of Legends Free Agency and Offseason 2021 [Live Updates]

Free Agency and the Offseason officially begin with the players and teams signing their deals to new teams or re-signing with current teams.

Last Updated : 5:06 am GMT, Nov 18th

The offseason and free agency begins with a lot of player shuffles among teams incoming. This article will be updated live with all that we know of the offseason so far. We will be mentioning only confirmed news and some rumors. We will be dividing the region and latest deals.

There will be other articles for breaking down the deals. This article serves to tabulate the deals that have been done


  • As per Jacob Wolf, Evil Geniuses (EG) are acquiring Impact, Lost, and Jiizuke per Jacob Wolf in the EG draft show. EG’s full roster is rumored to be Impact, Svenskeren, Jiizuke, Lost, and Ignar.
  • Golden Guardian released all their players with this post.
  • Flyquest is signing Josedeodo and Deftly according to this post.
  • Licorice is rumored to be bought out by FlyQuest.
  • TSM’s reported roster according to LEC Wooloo’s post is Huni, Spica, PowerofEvil, DoubleLift, and SwordArt.
  • 100 Thieves confirms the signings of Closer and FBI.
  • Immortals reported roster is Revenge (top), Xerxe (jungle), Insanity (mid), Raes (adc) and Destiny (support).
  • Johnsun is reportedly traded from Dignitas to Flyquest. Hence reportedly Flyquest’s roster is Licorice, Josedeodo, Palafox, Johnsun and Diamond.
  • CLG confirms the signings of Finn and Broxah.
  • Alphari to TL and several other deals are still pending confirmation.


  • Rogue confirms the signings of Odoamne and Trymbi pending Riot confirmation.
  • Limit joining Schalke04 as per Jacob Wolf and LEC Wooloo
  • Treatz joining SK as per Jacob Wolf (rumor)
  • G2 is on the market for either Upset/Crownshot/Rekkles. A lot of it depends on if Rekkles re-signs with Fnatic or not.
  • Rekkles has a big offer on the table from Fnatic but no confirmation if he stays or leaves.
  • Broken Blade is heavily linked to Schalke04.
  • Astralis (previously Origen) has confirmed their roster with four new players, Whiteknight at Top lane, Zanzarah at Jungle, and Jeskla and Promiseq in the bot lane. Nukeduck remains at mid lane.
  • Perkz is officially confirmed to be leaving F2. However, his deal to another team has not been confirmed yet but it is likely C9 who gets him.


  • Khan and Gimgoon enter free agency as per FPX’s Weibo account translated by Ashley Kang’s tweet
  • SwordArt had entered Free Agency according to Suning’s Weibo site and two tweets from Ashley Kang and Kenzi123. This further adds to the story of SwordArt potentially joining TSM
  • Kramer, Zeka, and Langx add to the Free Agent list.


  • https://twitter.com/SBGaming_KOR/status/1328563532745510913?s=19Jin Air Greenwing disbands their League of Legends teams with an announcement
  • DRX releases a lot of their players according to this announcement
  • Life has been re-signed by Gen.G. They also confirm oDin as their Head Coach and Lyn as a coach in their staff.
  • Travel joins as a coach of Sandbox Gaming as per their official twitter page
  • Flame and Hoit are now Free Agents from Damwon Gaming
  • hyFresh Blade announced Chieftain as their jungle and Hena as their bot lane for 2021.
  • Griffin parts way with Naehyun, Citrus, and Yusin.
  • T1 has allowed one of their top laners, Roach, to explore his optiobs.
  • T1 signs Keria as their support

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