Jarod Nandin, The Iconic South Park Cosplayer Dies Due to Covid-19 Complications

Jarod Nandin, the iconic South Park Guy cosplayer from BlizzCon 2013 Dies from Covid-19 complications.

Jarod ‘NWBZPWNR’ Nandin changed the cosplay game forever when he appeared in BlizzCon 2013 with his cosplay titled “That Which Has No Life”. In the cosplay, Jarod portrayed the high-level World of Warcraft guy from South Park Season 10 Episode 14 “Make Love not Warcraft”. Jarod was famous among the WOW community and people revered him dearly. Below is a video of his famous cosplay from 2013 at BlizzCon.

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Jarod Nandin Dies due to Covid-19:

2020 has been a year where people are facing many difficulties because of the pandemic. Many lives have been lost due to Covid-19. The gaming community has also suffered a huge loss recently as Jarod Nandim recently passed away due to complications after contacting Covid-19.

Last Moments:

On December 19th, 2020 Jarod posted on his Facebook account about some health complications. According to the post he went to the ER for chest pains and the doctors suspected it was Covid-19. The test results were yet to arrive at this point.

Jarod Nandin's health update 1
Jarod’s health update 1 Credit: Jarod Nandin facebook

On December 23rd, 2020 Jarod made an update on his Facebook. he said that the test results were back and Jarod tested positive for Covid. He also quoted his famous cosplay from 2013 in the post.

Jarod Nandin's health update 2
Jarod’s health update 2 Credit: Jarod Nandin facebook

Jarod Nandin shared an update on his Twitter account on December 27th. He developed breathing problems while in the hospital. His Oxygen levels kept dropping below 90 and breathing problems persisted the next day.

Jarod Nandin's Twitter posts
Jarod Nandin’s twitter posts Credit: JarodNWBZPWNR Twitter

This was the last Tweet from the legend Jarod Nandin. Jarod had the power to unite entire communities and inspire people. To the last moment, he was optimistic and fought Covid-19 head-on with determination and willpower. The World of Warcraft community has lost a great icon and human being.

Christopher Canizales created a GoFundMe for the deceased Jarod Nandin’s memorial and bills from his long stay at the hospital. The GoFundMe had a goal of USD 5,000 but has already surpassed USD 11,000 only after 11 hours.

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