Japanese Anime Companies ShoPro & Toei Found New Scary Way to Take Down Anime YouTubers

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: ShoPro/ Toei Animations

Japanese Anime companies Shopro and Toei recently found a new way to take down Anime YouTubers, and it’s beyond scary.

The future of Anime YouTubers might be over as Japanese Anime companies recently found a new way to take down channels. This method totally skips YouTube’s copyright claim system and can delete a channel in just 3 months.

Anime YouTuber Suede, famous for making the “Pokemon Journeys” Parody series, is in a tough position because of this, as his YouTube channel will be deleted in 3 months, and there is nothing he can do. Suede uploaded a video detailing the whole situation on February 2nd, 2022.

In the video, Suede explains that Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions (Sho-Pro) sent him a small claims court complaint demanding 80,200 Yen (roughly $700) as compensation. There was no time limit given and no clear method to pay the fee, which makes the whole thing confusing.

Suede shows Shopro court claim
Credit: Suede YouTube channel

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Suede Explains the whole Process:

Suede later clarified the steps Shopro took to take down his channel in subsequent comments below his Twitter post.

“Shopro has developed a technique that should scare everyone. If any Japanese company sees you using your IP, they can take down your entire channel legally in the space of three months, and there’s nothing anyone can do. All it takes is two steps.”

“Step 1: Create a rudimentary small claim in Japan, aim it at the offending creator and send it to Youtube, demanding the videos be taken down. Make the fine too big to ignore but too small to be worth legal fees. Make it confusing and obtuse.

Step 2: Since it’s legal proceedings, YT steps back and washes their hands. The videos go down instantly with no option to counter-claim. The YTer is forced to go through you in your country. This is near impossible without expensive representation.”

“The takedowns become strikes whether or not the damages are paid and the channel is gone. That’s it. Boom. An easy, efficient way to remove videos with ANYTHING you don’t like on Youtube outside Japan, no risk of counter claim, no fair use, point & click.”

“Shopro has demanded my videos be taken down & for me to pay 0.02 yen per VIEW. This means it doesn’t matter if it’s monetised. Any video that has received views in Japan is subject to Japanese jurisdiction. And Japan doesn’t really have fair use.”

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