Is Norra Coming to League of Legends?

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot revealed Norra for Legends of Runeterra but will she come to League of Legends?

With the release of Yummi, Riot has teased the fans about a new champion within her voice lines. Yummi was looking for her partner in her voice lines, but who was she? Unfortunately, Riot did not clarify what her name was. However, they did mention that Yummi’s partner was a Yordle.

After Vex’s reveal, fans speculated that she would be Yummi’s partner. But as it turns out, Vex wasn’t the one Yummi was looking for.

But years later, Riot has finally revealed Yummi’s partner, and her name is Norra.

Riot, on Aug 23, 2022, released a video on the Legends of Runeterra official youtube channel, revealing Norra.

YouTube video

Who is Norra?

Norra is a Yordle hailing from the Bandle City with mysterious portal-opening powers. She had left Bandle City for an unknown reason, leaving her cat Yummi and magical book behind. Her absence prompted Yummi and book to head out into the mysterious world of Runeterra, looking for Norra.

As of writing the article, Norra hasn’t been released yet. We should know more information about her after she gets released.

Will Norra be Released in League of Legends?

Riot has announced that Norra will be the first Legends of Runeterra exclusive champion. We have had exclusive skins in the past, but champions outside League of Legends are pretty rare. Silco, released for TFT, was the first champion to be released outside League of Legends. So, Norra follows the trend and is the first exclusive Legends of Runeterra champion.

Will she be coming to League of legends? Sadly, she will not be coming to League of Legends any time soon.

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