How To Unlock The Pasturage in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Credit: NatsumeAtari

Like any other storage shop in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, there is also a Pasturage Shop in the game where you get meat and dairy items. It is super convenient for your life as a villager. Here you will get to know all the necessary details regarding how to unlock the Pasturage in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a fantastically magical game where you get to play as the HERO, and your duty is to save the city of New Nevaeh from disaster and renew it from the ruins of the past. There are shops around the maps of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, like Accessory Shop, Pasturage Shop, etc.

In the Paturage Shop of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you can purchase meat and dairy products. After having your own home and farm in Eiyuden, you might also want to have a Pasturage to get yourself immerse in the amazing world that the developers have built.

To unlock the Pasturage in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you should follow a few necessary steps properly. Only after following every step thoroughly, the Pasturage will be unlocked.

How To Unlock The Pasturage in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Credit: NatsumeAtari

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How To Unlock The Pasturage

To unlock the Pasturage, you must follow the steps below:

Open Your Farm

You have to first unlock and open your Farm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. After opening the Farm, the access to the Pasturage gets easier.

Talk To Urmila

Urmila will give the task of finding Lumber from The Great Forest. You have to get the Lumber to her so that she can unlock the Pasturage for you.

Find The Lumber

Go to Great Forest, and you will get Lumber from any breakable tree in the forest.

The Final Work

After grabbing the Lumber, come back to Urmila and give it to her. She will give you rewards and resources, and finally, she will unlock and open The Pasturage for you. And voila! The Pasturage is finally open for you.

How To Unlock The Pasturage in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Credit: NatsumeAtari

With these steps being completed, you can have the full Pasturage and have meat and dairy products! BEST OF LUCK !!!

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