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Here you’ll find the complete list of every possible ending in Deathloop and also learn how to unlock each of them. Caution: BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Deathloop is a first-person shooter and time-bending adventure game developed by Arkane Studios, the very studio that is responsible for developing hit first-person action-adventure franchises such as BioShock, Dishonored, and more. The game was published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows and released as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5.

In Deathloop, you get to play as an assassin named Colt Vahn, who is stuck in a time loop and has been assigned the task to take out eight targets called the Visionaries across the island before midnight. Failure to do so by leaving even one target alive will cause the time loop to reset along with all of Colt’s hard work. As a result of the failure, Colt will wake back at the beginning of the loop.

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If you’re wondering if such a game is even supposed to have an ending, we can assure you that the game has not one but a total of three possible endings that depend on your choices and decisions! If you do not wish to be spoiled, now is the time to stop reading this. Below, we have listed all the endings and how to unlock them, starting with the deciding point of the game.

Stabilizer Core: Confronting Julianna in Deathloop

Stabilizer Core: Confronting Julianna

After you have successfully killed all the Visionaries, you arrive at the epicenter of the storm where you will find Julianna waiting for you in fashion. Once you have entered the Stabilizer Core, Julianna will welcome you with vintage dueling pistols and will try to talk you into saving the loop. It is at this moment that your dialogue choices will shape the ending you’re going to get. Based on your choices, you will get different ending cutscenes.

In this final sequence, Julianna will explain how she is always the one to wake up first, and that even if Colt breaks the loop and they both survive the collapse of the loop, he will still wake up with her pointing a gun at his face. Colt will argue that dying for real still beats constantly reliving the same day. Upon further attempts at persuading Colt to save the loop, Julianna will ask Colt to take the pistol and start to countdown. Get ready to make the toughest decision of the game, that will either make or break all your efforts up until now.

Ending 1: Break the loop forever

Ending 1: Break the loop forever

This could be considered the “Good” ending simply because it meets the main objective of the game, which is to break the loop. In order for you to break the loop forever, you will need to kill all visionaries. Julianna is the eighth Visionary, and Colt is the ninth. So to get the ending that fulfills the game’s main objective, you both must die.

When Julianna starts counting, shoot her. Once you have killed her, messages will start appearing in front of you, telling you to jump, to prove her wrong, and that you did it for the both of you. So you can simply jump off the edge of the platform to finally put an end to this endless loop. You will have seemingly broken the loop, but you will still wake up on the beach one last time with Julianna’s gun pointing at your face as she had promised. However, she will walk away, leaving your fate open to interpretations.

Ending 2: Kill Julianna but Remain in the Loop

Ending 2: Kill Julianna but Remain in the Loop

This could be considered the “Bad” ending of the game. Given you have shot Julianna, you can opt for not breaking the loop. To do this, instead of jumping to your death, just interact with your couch and the game will end with you restarting the loop once again as you wake up on the beach, ready to hunt down the Visionaries once more.

Ending 3: Remain in the Loop with Julianna

Ending 3: Remain in the Loop with Julianna

Although it may seem like Julianna will shoot by the count of three, if you don’t shoot her before the countdown ends, you will both drop your guns. Julianna will joke about how you almost had her convinced that you would shoot her. As a result of failing to kill all the Visionaries in time, you will restart the loop, but this time Julianna will be on friendlier terms with you and be with you when you wake up at the beach.

This ending offers more than the rest in terms of content, which might even make it the game’s “true ending”. As the credits roll, you will hear various interactions of Colt and Julianna, such as them discussing their plans for the day and more. You can even hear a sweet interaction of Colt suggesting Julianna to call him “Dad“.

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