How to Make Candles in Minecraft

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Here’s everything you need to know how to make candles in Minecraft

Minecraft is a 2009 3D sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios. Dive into a world where everything, as far as your eyes can see, is made out of square blocks.

Don’t let this simplicity fool you, though, as the number of mechanics in this game is more than you can count! You can take the game at your own pace and slowly build up your home or rush and take down the Ender Dragon; it’s all up to you.

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You can opt to play the game in Creative Mode, where you’re given unlimited resources to make and build whatever your imagination can come up with, or you can decide to play it in Survival Mode, where you’re left on your own to gather resources to survive.

However, we should add that the game is much more fun if you have companions to play with. Whichever way you decide to start, one thing is for sure: you’re in for an epic adventure!

There comes a point in every Minecraft adventure where you kind of want to settle down and decorate your house and its surroundings. Well, candles are one of the most beautiful decorative items in the game. Not to mention, they come in a lot of colors and are a good source of light as well.

How To Craft a Candle in Minecraft

How To Make A Candle

Items required to craft a candle.

  • 1x String (Obtained from killing spiders)
  • 1x Honeycomb (Obtained by using sheers on a bee nest full of honey)

Now, to craft a candle, all you have to do is place your string on the crafting space right above the honeycomb. Since you only need two items to craft a candle, you can make this either in your crafting interface or on the crafting table. If you’re unclear about the recipe, then look at the picture below:

Candle Recipe in Minecraft

How To Make A Colored Candle in Minecraft

Now, like a lot of other decorative items in the game, you can color the candles with any dye of your choosing. In order to make a colored candle, all you need is a dye and a candle.

Place the candle in the crafting grid and then put a dye of any color to the right of the candle. And there you have it, a colored candle!

Colored Candle Recipe in Minecraft

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