How to Get Wolf Claws in LEGO Fortnite

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Getting Wolf Claws was never that easy!

 LEGO Fortnite is a sandbox survival game where you will be put on a randomly generated map and have to build and craft to survive. Crafting any item will require you to gather specific resources beforehand.

One important item in Lego Fortnite is the Spinning WheelThis item is used to spin yarn for making clothing craftings and upgrades. One of the resources required for crafting a Spinning Wheel is the Wolf Claw. You will need one Wolf claw alongside some other resources to craft a Wheel.

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Wolf Claws are exactly what it sounds like; claws got as drops after defeating a wolf. There is a way to get to these wolves, and we can explain it to you. So, without any further ado, jump into our guide to find out How to get Wolf Claws in Lego Fortnite.

How to get Wolf Claws

How to get Wolf Claws in Lego Fortnite
Image Credit: Epic games

Now, to get to a Wolf, you will need to go to a forest biome. Wolves generate on a random basis, so it is tough to pinpoint one’s location. But there is no need to worry because they are pretty common in the Forrest areas. You will surely stumble upon one or two if you are in grassy or densely wooded areas. If a wolf is close by, you will see an icon popping up indicating about it. 

Now, before you start hunting for wolves, you must ensure you are well-equipped. Wolves are vicious and can inflict much damage. So, you must ensure you have weapons with good strength in your arsenal. It is preferred you craft Shortswords or Pickaxes before you face wolves. 

To craft a Shortsword,

  • You will need to craft five Wooden Rods(One wood for each) in the Lumber Mill,
  • Head to the Crafting Station and craft a Shortsword(five Wooden Rods) using the recipe.

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