How to Get More Essence in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

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By Mehraj Mahdin
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The points system is called Essence in MW3 Zombies. Here’s how you can get the most!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the newest addition to the ongoing and iconic series. This year adds the fan-favorite Zombies game mode with a different twist. It is now similar to DMZ, where you can complete objectives and voluntarily exfil before a deadly zone swarms the map.

The in-game point system is now Essence in MW3 Zombies. This Essence works just like the points system from older Zombies modes. As you keep going deeper into the game, you will be facing harder enemies. So, you will have to collect a lot of Essence to be prepared.

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Collect More Essence in MW3 Zombies

Unlike previous versions, just getting hits on zombies will no longer generate points. The new format is harder as point generation is nerfed with every zombie kill. Moreover, there are no more zombie barriers to generating Essence either. So, the game has some faster ways to generate Essence.


On the map, there are several ‘contracts’ from bounties to escort missions. Completing each of these contracts will earn you lots of Essence, depending on the tier you selected it from. They will also open a Reward Rift with special drops.

MW3 Zombies Contract
Credit: MrDalekJD

Bounty Contracts will spawn a strong boss zombie that will terrorize you and your crew. Depending on the threat level of the zone, they will systematically get stronger.

Escort Contracts are just as the name suggests. You will have to protect an objective for a certain duration while it moves from point A to point B. It is relatively more accessible, but the enemies that will spawn will still be determined by the map tier.

Killing Zombies

The classic was to generate Essence. Every kill you get will add a certain number of Essence to the bank. The XP you gain for each kill is also the amount of Essence you get. So, if all else fails, get your hands dirty the old-fashioned way.

Remember that the Essence you have will not carry over to the next game, even if you exfil. So, don’t waste time generating way too much Essence since it will be cleared for your next game.

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