How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Ghost Yarn is crucial for crafting armors hard as granite and powerful as dynamite. In addition, you may need this item to survive in the game. This guide will show you the exact path to get Ghost Yarn in V Rising.

Armors made with Ghost Yarn are more potent than any armor you will find in V Rising. Ghost Yarn is one of the most important and exquisite magical items hard to find. You can get this Ghost Yarn after completing a certain level in this game.

Ghost Yarn is one of the rare gem-like items in V Rising. Unfortunately, you cannot get these anywhere often. However, this is a resourceful item that will help you in this survival game.

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How to Get Ghost Yarn

To get the Ghost Yarn faster, you may follow the tricks below:

How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising
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Cursed Forest

Cursed Forest in the V Rising map is one of the most resourceful places. So, no wonder you will also have to visit the Cursed Forest to find and get Ghost Yarn.

Kill & Loot

After you get to the Cursed Forest, you will find Ancient villages there. You must kill and loot all your enemies to find Ghost Yarn.

No Stopping

You must not stop raiding the villages. Any of the Ancient Villages in the Cursed Forest can hold many Ghost Yarn. So you must go on.

How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising
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How To Craft Ghost Yarn

For crafting Ghost Yarn, you must need these two items which are;

  • Ghost Shroom
  • Cotton Yarn

To craft Ghost Yarn, you must follow the steps below:

Get The Recipe

To use the Ghost Yarn ideally, you will need the Recipe. Therefore, you must first search how to find the Recipe to use Ghost Yarn in the game.

Kill: Beatrice and Ungora

Beatrice and Ungora are boss enemies whom you must defeat to get the Recipe for crafting Ghost Yarn.

Get The Cotton Yarn

You should track Beatrice’s blood to track her down. She is a tailor, and getting to her would get you the Cotton Yarn with which you need to craft Ghost Yarn.

Visit The Ancient Villages

After defeating Beatrice and getting the Cotton Yarn, there is one more item to craft Ghost Yarn: Ghost Shroom. You will find this Ghost Shroom in the Ancient Villages from the Witches.

If you follow the steps above correctly, you will be able to gather much Ghost Yarn to craft!

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