How to Find the Grappling Hook in Salt and Sacrifice

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Ska Studios

Salt and Sacrifice is a souls-like Metroidvania where you play through different areas. To aid you on this journey, you get different tools as you progress. Here we will discuss how to get the Grappling Hook in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to Salt and Sanctuary. It plays close to the first game, and just like many other Metroidvania games, you also get a grappling hook.

But you don’t start with the grappling hook item. And you need to pick it up as you progress through the game. That being said, if you know where to get the grappling hook, you can get it as soon as possible.

The grappling hook is actually one of the first items you can get in the game. Here is how to get it.

How to Find the Grappling Hook in Salt and Sacrifice

The grappling hook is one of the essential items you will need to progress through the game. But if you don’t know where to look, you may miss it and get stuck. To get the grappling hook, you need to kill the first boss of the game first.

When you start the game, you will begin at the Ashbourne Village. Explore the area and kill the first boss, “Uryks Necklace-of-Ears,” in that area. After you defeat him, you can continue exploring the area until you come across an entrance to a small cave.

This cave is where the grappling hook is. So, enter the cave, and you can explore the cave while you are at it. But there isn’t much to find inside the cave. The grappling hook is on the bottom of the cave. Dropdown all the way to the bottom, and you will find a corpse laying there. Interact with the corpse and take the grappling hook from the body.

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