Fortnite: First Look at the Lebron James Skin, Release Date, Gear, Accessories, and more

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite has officially announced that Lebron James will be the upcoming Icon Series skin.

The Lebron James skin was first leaked around a week ago. At that time Epic Games commissioned an artist in Chicago to paint a mural on a wall to tease the Lebron James skin. At that time nobody had any idea the mural was for Lebron James. After that, some Fortnite data miners found out about the Lebron James skin in the game files along with its backbling.

And now finally Fortnite has officially announced the arrival of the Lebron James skin. They also released a video trailer showcasing the skin and some of its additional styles. The official Fortnite Twitter account Tweeted about the Lebron James skin just a few minutes ago.

The Tweet reads.

“MVP. Global Icon. Gold Medalist. The King has arrived. @KingJames is bringing his legacy to the Icon Series. Read our blog for info about his Outfits, Gear, and more.”

Along with the Tweet, there was also a blog post showcasing all of the other additional styles of skin and accessories. Below you will see all of them.

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Item Shop Release Date:The Lebron James skin will come to the Fortnite item shop on July 14, 2021, after the shop reset.

Skin Edit Styles:

The icon series skin of Lebron James will have two separate Outfits and each outfit will be wearing the Nike LeBron 19. The Nike LeBron 19 is the upcoming signature shoe of Lebron James.

The Nike LeBron 19 Shoes
The Nike LeBron 19 Shoes Credit: Epic Games

The main skin is dark silver and has a sunglass on and off edit style. The skin also has a gold slider that can alter the amount of gold color on the skin.

LeBron James Outfit
LeBron James Outfit Credit: Epic Games

The additional skin styles for the Lebron James skin are the “Tune Squad” and “LeBron’s Taco Tuesday” Outfit. They are given below-

Lebron James Tune Squad Outfit Credit: Epic Games
Lebron James "LeBron’s Taco Tuesday" outfit
Lebron James “LeBron’s Taco Tuesday” outfit Credit: Epic Games


The Lebron James Icon Series skin also comes with a set of accessories. Apparently he accessories are not exclusive to Lebron James skin so you can use them with any other Fortnite skin. The accessories series is called “King James Gear Bundle” and contain the following items:

  • The Lion Pickaxe 
  • Wingspan Glider
  • Quiet the competition with LeBron’s emphatic on-the-court celebration, The Silencer. 
Lebron James skin accessories
Lebron James skin accessories Credit: Epic Games

There will also be a loading screen part of the Lebron James skin bundle called “The court’s in Session” and is given below-

Lebron James “The court’s in Session” loading Screen Credit: Epic Games

Below you can see how the gold slider affects the look of the Wingspan Glider.

The in-game locker showcase of the Lebron James skin and accessories are finally revealed.

We do not have any official price announcement for the Lebron James skin yet but will update this article once new info is made public. Most likely the skin will be price similarly to previous Icon Series Skins.

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