FFXIV Endwalker: How to Obtain Usung Blade of Asphedelos

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Here is how to obtain Usung Blade of Asphedelos.

The fourth expansion pack to Final Fantasy XIV is out now, and it gives a new conclusion to the ongoing storyline. There is much to collect, new resources to obtain, and even new weapons to use. With the recent Pandaemonium Raids, you can now get an Unsung Blade of Asphedelos. Furthermore, we have made a complete guide on how to obtain the Usung Blade of Asphedelos in FFXIV.

How to Obtain the Usung Blade of Asphedelos in FFXIV

There are a total of four raids as of now in FFXIV. To get the Unsung Blade of Asphedelos, you will have to clear all four of them.

After you finish the first three raids, the fourth one will be called The Fourth Circle. Each week, you can only obtain one Usung Blade of Asphedelos by completing the Fourth Circle.

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However, collecting these Blades is vital for exchanging them for unique items. As for now, one single blade is useless, and you will need at least 7 of them to exchange them for one Discal Tombstone. Furthermore, one of these Discal Tombstones can get you the powerful weapon you want. Players can head over to Djole at Raz-at-Han once they have collected seven blades.

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