Destiny 2: How to Earn The Flawless Title in 2023

Are you trying to get the Flawless Title in Destiny 2? Then you are in luck, as here we will discuss how to obtain this title with minimal effort.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer First-Person Shooter MMO RPG in which you and your friends can play together in a constantly evolving world. You can choose from three distinct classes and tailor their playstyle to your preference. On top of that, you can also alter the appearance of your Guardian using various items and color palettes within the game.

Bungie, the developer of this massive MMO, releases a new season every three months to fulfill player demand and maintain the game’s viability. These seasonal updates add new challenges and content to the game, which the Destiny 2 community really appreciates. Occasionally, these challenges will grant you a unique sigil or a new title. You must complete specific challenges to obtain those Titles.

Similarly, you must complete some of the extreme challenges in the Trials of Osiris to obtain the Flawless Title. To be more specific, you have to complete Five challenges in the Trials Of Osiris. You can further acquire the Flawless Gilded title by completing additional five Trials of Osiris challenges.

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How to Earn The Flawless Title

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The Flawless Title is extremely difficult to obtain because it is tied to one of the game’s most difficult PvP content. You must complete these challenges by going flawless for a total of six weeks. It is not only incredibly difficult but also takes six weeks to complete a single challenge. And if you desire the Gilded version of this seal, you must complete five additional Trials of Osiris challenges.

The Flawless Title Requirements

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  • Confidence is High

Complete a Flawless Passage of Confidence.

Flawless means you have to win seven consecutive games in a row. And suppose you are unable to get one more flawless after your sixth continuous flawless victory. In that case, you have to start from scratch, which makes this challenge extremely difficult for the Beginner or Unskilled Guardians. While this challenge is the hardest compared to other Trials of Osiris Challenges, with the proper loadout and good game sense, you should be able to complete these challenges all at once.

  • Guardian of the Lighthouse

Win 15 matches on a ticket after reaching seven wins during the current Season.

After completing the flawless passage by going flawless for the seventh time in a row, you have to win another 15 matches to complete the Guardian of the Lighthouse. This, however, doesn’t require you to win 15 matches in a row. This is a season-long challenge, and you can complete this however you want. If you lose any match, you can swap your loadout and try something new to win the rest of the matches.

  • All Roads to Victory
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Earn wins in Trials with several different Passages.

There is a total of four passages in the Trials of Osiris, and you have to win at least ten matches with each passage. You can complete them all at once or anytime you want; it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t want to wait for a long time, just equip some proper gears to your arsenal and jump right into the Trials of Osiris.

  1. Passage of Ferocity
  2. Passage of Mercy
  3. Passage of Wealth
  4. Passage of Confidence
  • Safe Harbor

After visiting the Lighthouse, you have to assist three players in reaching the Lighthouse for the first time ever.

You must carry a total of three players to reach the Lighthouse for the first time. However, you can only carry a total of two players at a time. You have to complete at least two trials of Osiris to complete the Safe Harbor challenge. But you should keep in mind that it is extremely hard to carry two players at a time. It would be best if you could properly communicate with them and tell them what they should do to make things easier for you.

  • This is the Way
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Complete a Flawless Passage on six different maps.

Passage maps change every week, and you have to complete at least one flawless on six different maps. This means you will need at least six weeks to complete this challenge. However, you should be able to complete this challenge easily since you need only one flawless each week.

These are all the challenges you need to complete to earn the Flawless Title in Destiny 2. Hope this guide was helpful and you have learned something new. And if you find this guide helpful, you may also want to check out our other guides as well.

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