Destiny 2: All the Ability Cooldowns And Super Tiers in 2023

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Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers

Are you wondering about ability cooldowns and such? Then you are in the right place as here we will go through everything you need to know about ability cooldowns and super Tiers in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a popular looter-shooter video game created by Bungie, well known for its creation of the Halo franchise of video games. In this MMO RPG, you can customize your guardian’s looks and playstyle with different aspects and fragments. You can further customize your super and ability cooldowns with mods and such.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to super and other abilities as Bungie is constantly developing their game and making it fair for every player. They are also modifying some abilities and super cooldown with every major update. However, the Destiny 2 community is always helpful toward new light. They always try to maximize their loadout with ability cooldowns and share them with others.

Bungie Introduced the variable cooldowns ability with the 30th Anniversary expansion pack. Each ability has a unique specialty, and they can modify every ability’s timer without ruining other abilities. However, there are a lot of similar abilities with variable timing, so if you don’t like any particular one for some reason, you can also use those other abilities.

This list was updated Based on Season of the Haunted (Season 17).

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What is Variable Ability Cooldown?

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers

As of the Destiny 2s season of the Haunted update, there are three classes available right now. All of these classes are divided into subclasses, followed by four subclasses. They all have unique super, grenades, melee, and class ability cooldowns.

If you look into the solar subclasses and grenade cooldowns, you will see Thermite Grenades recharge in 1:45 minutes while Incendiary Grenades take 2:01 minutes to charge. Although both of these grenades are from the same solar subclass, they both have variable cooldowns. Depending on the cooldowns, Bungie has categorized them into different tiers ranging from tier 1 to tier 10.

All the Active & Passive Super Regeneration Explained

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers

There are two ways players can regenerate their super energy: active way and passive way, regardless of their build and loadout. However, you can further modify your super energy gain with the proper gears and weapons. There are some aspects and fragments that help your super energy regeneration too.

Active Regeneration: Active regeneration needs direct interactions from players, such as killing mobs, dealing damage, or taking damage.

Passive Regeneration: Passive regeneration is tied to the ability base cooldown rate meaning your abilities base cooldown will decide how much energy you will regenerate over time.

Active super regeneration happens when you are involved in combat and accumulating energy, while passive regeneration is always persistent with your ability cooldown rate. However, you can increase both active and passive regeneration rates by equipping proper gears and weapons with your loadout.

Super TierEnergy Gain from Bonus
T1 Super0%
T2 Super12.5%
T3 Super17.5%
T4 Super27.5%
T5 Super33.75%
Super Tier

Alternative Ways to Gain Super Energy

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers

Besides the active and passive super energy regeneration method, there are other ways to regenerate your super faster. However, you should keep in mind that these methods give you a very little amount of super energy, and they are not consistent methods of regaining your super back.

  • Killing enemies.
  • Picking up Orbs of Power.
  • Using certain weapon perks.

These all are active perks that need player involvement. Other perks, such as armor set bonuses and mods, can be beneficial in passive regeneration. Although passive regeneration is inferior to an active one, they do come in very handy in certain scenarios.

All Ability Cooldown

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers

Abilities are assigned to the character classes, such as Dodges for the Hunters, Barricades for the Titans, and Rifts for the Warlocks. They all have variable cooldowns and tiers ranging from tier 1 to 10. And the longest cooldown is on tier 1 shortest one is on tier 10.

Hunter Class Ability Cooldowns

TiersMarkman’s DodgeGambler’s DodgeAcrobat’s Dodge
T1 Hunter Dodge0:320:421:43
T2 Hunter Dodge0:300:401:31
T3 Hunter Dodge0:290:381:22
T4 Hunter Dodge0:260:351:15
T5 Hunter Dodge0:240:321:08
T6 Hunter Dodge0:220:291:03
T7 Hunter Dodge0:190:250:59
T8 Hunter Dodge0:160:220:51
T9 Hunter Dodge0:150:200:46
T10 Hunter Dodge0:140:180:41
Hunter Class Ability Cooldowns

Warlock Class Ability Cooldowns

TiersHealing RiftEmpowering RiftPhoenix Dive
T1 Warlock Ability1:431:431:43
T2 Warlock Ability1:311:311:31
T3 Warlock Ability1:221:221:22
T4 Warlock Ability1:151:151:15
T5 Warlock Ability1:081:081:08
T6 Warlock Ability1:031:031:03
T7 Warlock Ability0:590:590:59
T8 Warlock Ability0:510:510:51
T9 Warlock Ability0:460:460:46
T10 Warlock Ability0:410:410:41
Warlock Class Ability Cooldowns

Titan Class Ability Cooldowns

TiersRallying BarricadeTowering BarricadeBastion Barricades
T1 Titan Barricade0:400:501:43
T2 Titan Barricade0:360:441:31
T3 Titan Barricade0:320:401:22
T4 Titan Barricade0:290:361:15
T5 Titan Barricade0:260:331:08
T6 Titan Barricade0:240:301:03
T7 Titan Barricade0:210:260:59
T8 Titan Barricade0:180:220:51
T9 Titan Barricade0:150:190:46
T10 Titan Barricade0:130:160:41
Titan Class Ability Cooldowns

All Super Cooldown

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers
T1 Super 10:25Daybreak, Hammer Of Sol, Spectral Blades
T2 Super 9:16Arc Staff, Chaos Reach, Golden Gun: Deadshot, Golden Gun: Marksman, Glacial Quake, Fists Of Havoc, Nova Warp, Sentinel Shield, Stormtrance, Winter’s Wrath
T3 Super 8:20Burning Maul, Nova Bomb: Cataclysm, Nova Bomb: Vortex, Shadowshot: Moebius Quiver, Thundercrash
T4 Super 7:35Blade Barrage, Shadowshot: Deadfall, Silence, and Squall.
T5 Super 6:57Ward of Dawn, Well of Radiance
Super Cooldowns

All Melee Cooldown

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers
Tiers Time Melees
T1 Melee 1:53Withering Blade, Shiver Strike, Penumbral Blast
T2 Melee 1:40Tempest Strike, Disorienting Blow, Proximity Throwing Knife, Shield Throw, Celestial Fire
T3 Melee 1:30Snare Bomb, Lightweight Knife, Seismic Strike, Ballistic Slam, Throwing Hammer, Shield Bash, Chain Lightning, Rising Storm, Incinerator Snap, Pocket Singularity
T4 Melee 1:22Knife Trick
T5 Melee 0:15Combination Blow
Melee Cooldown

All Grenade Cooldown

Image Source: Bungie / Ability Tiers
Tier Time Grenades
T1 Grenades 2:32Axiom, Duskfield, Glacier
T2 Grenades2:01Arcbolt, Coldsnap, Incendiary, Lightning, Magnetic, Scatter, Solar, Suppressor
T3 Grenades1:45Pulse, Skip, Spike, Thermite, Void Wall, Vortex
T4 Grenades1:31Flashbang, Storm, Swarm, Tripmine
T5 Grenades1:04Duskfield, Firebolt
Grenade Cooldown

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These are all the Variable ability cooldowns in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new about Ability Cooldowns. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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