Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Shi No Numa Main Quest Easter Egg

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Shi No Numa returns to Zombies with the Season 4 update. Here’s everything we know about the Shi No Numa main quest and easter egg.

Zombies, originally Nazi Zombies, is a game mode created by Treyarch. It first appeared in CoD: World at War and became highly popular upon the game’s release, resulting in the mode returning in future CoD titles.

In Zombies, players face off against zombies of various nationalities depending on the map’s location, including Germans, Americans, Russians, and Asians. Moreover, Zombies’ content is only considered canon in its universe.

After Cold War’s Zombies’ success, it’s no surprise to see Treyarch handle Vanguard Zombies. Their most recent contribution is the re-imagining of Shi No Numa in Vanguard. Shi No Numa arrived at Vanguard zombies with the season 4 update.

The CoD Zombies community is always excited about the prospect of new map releases. However, Shi No Numa didn’t come empty-handed. Instead, Treyarch has gone forward and introduced a new main quest easter egg to the re-imagining of Shi No Numa.

Here’s how you complete the main quest easter egg in Shi No Numa.

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How to Complete the Shi No Numa Main Quest Easter Egg

Players must complete complex challenges to solve the main quest and unlock the easter egg. Thanks to Zombies’ YouTuber MrDalekJD‘s guide, players can get through the challenges quickly. Follow the order in the guide below to promptly complete the easter egg:

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Acquire the Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon

  1. Head to the Flogger Courtyard and get into the Fishing Hut, then pick up the Weapon Barrel resting on the shelf to the right side of the door.
  2. Go to the Comms Room and find the Generator; make sure to insert the Weapon Barrel into the Generator.
  3. Next, head inside the Comms Room and follow the “Check Radio” prompt that will pop up on the right side of the door.
  4. Now head back to the Generator and finish the round.
  5. After the round, complete the Defend the Radio Tower objective.
  6. Upon completing the objective, go back and collect the Weapon Barrel from the Generator.
  7. Now head back to the radio and pick up the Charged Vaccum Tube.
  8. Enter the room inside the Comms Room area and collect the Electrical Fuse Part from a table.
  9. Now head to the Storage Hut and spend 1000 points to activate the trap. When the trap malfunctions, wait around and inject the Electrical Fuse.
  10. Once the trap is activated, trap the zombies until the trap is fully charged.
  11. Keep playing until round 15 as Zabala spawns inside the main hut. Trick her into the Tesla machine in the Excavation Room and get her lightning attack to hit the Tesla until the prompt to pick up the Charged Vaccum Tube pops up.
  12. Finally, head back to the Storage Hut and build the Wunderwaffe DG-2 on the bench behind the trap.
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Cypher Wheel Parts and Start of the Ceremony

  1. Load into Shi No Numa and follow the on-screen popups to open the Comms Room or Storage Hut door.
  2. Head to the Dig Site.
  3. The Cypher Wheel parts will be present and glowing on the dig site.
    • On the table to the left side of the Max Ammo Box in the Doctor’s Quarters
    • On the table by the bunk bed in the Dormitory
    • On the table in front of the Pack-A-Punch at the Dig Site
  4. Now head back to the Doctor’s Quarter and stand in front of the glowing “Monolith” in front of a tree.
  5. Make sure that a Boom Schreier runs in front of the “Monolith” and then eliminate it at the right time to blow the vines away.
  6. Click on the interact button and insert the Cypher Wheels into the “Monolith.”
  7. Run to the red stones at the edge of the Doctor’s Quarter area and begin the ceremony. (**For co-op, each player must interact with a different one simultaneously.
  8. The glowing blue zombies must approach the island the “Monolith” is on and then kill them with the Wunderwaffe. (**Make sure to kill enough zombies, or do it the next round.)
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Zombie Blood and Mirror Fragments

  1. Firstly, activate the Flogger trap and head to the Flogger Courtyard, allowing the trap to fling the zombies towards the deactivated Perk Fountain.
  2. Zombie blood will be available once enough zombies are slain.
  3. Utilizing the temporary speed boost from the Zombie blood, locate the red orb in Mess Hall or Spawn Room. Make sure to follow the Red ord until it comes to a halt, and then pick up the first mirror fragment. (**You must do it again if the blood effect wears off.)
  4. Go ahead and drink the blood once more, then find the map inside the War Room.
  5. Go to the X-marked location on the map and look for the mirror fragment.
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Track and Shoot the Glowing Blue Orbs

  1. Check to ensure you have everything for the subsequent fight.
  2. Head back to Dig Site and place the Mirror Fragments at the altar in the middle.
  3. Click on the “Energize the Podium” prompt. (**For co-op, each player must interact with a podium.)
  4. Track the blue orb when it floats in the air and rushes towards one of the four huts.
  5. Run after the blue orb and shoot it three times when it relocates.
  6. Finally, head back to the Dig Site and summon Echo.

How to Defeat Echo in Shi No Numa

  1. As the boss fight begins, allow the blue zombies to reach the bottom of the Dig Site.
  2. When they reach the bottom, kill them with the Wanderwuffe.
  3. A giant bubble will appear when enough blue zombies are slain.
  4. Go inside the bubble and deal as much damage to Echo when she enters the bubble.
  5. Keep causing damage to her until she becomes immune.
  6. However, make sure to make her immune, and repeat steps one to five with the Boom Schreiers with the Wanderwuffe until the bubble appears.
  7. As Echo enters the bubble again, deal enough damage to her until she becomes immune again.
  8. Finally, allow the blue Sturmkreigers to reach the lower level, and eliminate them with the Wunderwaffe until the giant bubble pops up again.
  9. Go through Echo with your everything till she drops dead.
  10. As she dies, a cutscene and rewards such as an event-exclusive Calling Card will pop up.

Follow this guide in the same order, and you will be able to complete the Shi No Numa main quest easter egg in no time.

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